Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Skarloc - Wood Elf Captain, Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers - Regiment of Renown - Warhammer - "Old Hammer"

Another model painted for the challenge, and interestingly enough, possible the first model I have bought, deliberately to paint, and sell on...

As my sell off, of figures I am no longer using and have no further interest in, continues, I had had a rummage, and found my old Skarloc's Regiment of Renown. Unfortunately, closer inspection showed the titular captain, Skarloc - missing...  I have vague memories of using him in a one off RPG D&D session about ten years ago back in the the UK, so he's no doubt long gone and missing now...

So I scouted about on ebay and sourced a figure, bought it and recently finished painting it up.

So with him repainted to lead the regiment once again, I'll be putting the regiment up on ebay shortly... link to follow...

Skarloc, the most Bad Ass Warhammer Wood Elf Captain ever. Classic 1980's GW styling and great box art from all those years ago..., though sadly I no longer have the box...


  1. Know there's a blast from the past! I'm not sure if I still have that box or mine as gone into the ether either! Nice work on the figure Scott.

  2. He looks good Scott! I think Oldhammer would be fun to do as their are some old figures I'd like to do.


  3. Lovely Oldhammer goodness sir. I can't believe you can part with him!

  4. Lovely work Scott! Too good to sell, I think!

  5. Nice paint job on Skarloc,

    I've got him sitting on my painting table at the mo, so some inspiration to get him finished off. (not going to mention the rest of his unit though :) )

    Nice post.

  6. Nicely done Scott. Particularly like the gems on him.


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