Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Ruins of Osgiliath (GW) - WIP

A recent great deal with Dave Docherty, netted me some LOTR goodies over Xmas...

Now the Painting challenge is in full swing, and I should be painting, but I find it hard to sit inside on a sunny summer day, and I can't paint outside, but I can trim models... so I trimmed and put together one of these sets of ruins...

They went together quite well, but there were a few gaps to fill - I used DAS clay.

Once the clay was dry I went over with thinned PVA and sand to give them a more dusty/rubbly look...

I've just based undercoat sprayed them, ready for some paint later...

I do rather like these as they have some thickness to them, and have detail on boths sides. And I belive you can add sets together or stick bits on in differing places for variety. I'll see what I do with sets 2 + 3.

I think they will also do for other settings too -  Pirates exploring a lost ruin on a Desert Isle or, the ruins of the old Abbey for Empire of the Dead...


  1. Oh, those look very promising. I like the "hide gaps with rubble" idea.

  2. GW used to have a ghostly version painted up with light green and white as the two main colours and the odd cobweb or two. It went from the sight some point last year along the lines of

    Now the set is out of production - do you want to sell me one :-)?

  3. (blush) site not sight (/blush)

  4. Excellent start... Been sat in my cupboards for far too long!

  5. Aargh! Can't believe these are out of production too! I have two sets somewhere, so do I keep them or sell them?

    1. I'd keep them! You've got LOTR already, they are easy to make, and paint, and will work equally well in your other skirmish settings!

  6. The osgiliath ruins are one of my favorite gw products, they paint great and are fun to use. I mentioned on the one ring that I think the stair piece looks better finished. I made a quick mold of the side and then trimmed to fit under the floor. Looking forward to seeing how you combine the sets.

  7. Nice presents, but you're not getting any sympathy from me sitting out in the sun! Pouring with rain here at the moment. ;)


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