Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Knights of Minas Tirith

Another entry for the Painting Challenge,  6 Knights of Minas Tirith.

I managed to get one of them done in time for the Mount and Rider Bonus Theme Round which had a deadline of 28th Dec. I had hoped to get them all done by then, but of course, Xmas got in the way! No matter. I finished them over the following week or so...

So six hard charging Heavy Knights to add to my growing Gondor Army...

They do feature wonderfully in the doom laden final charge of Faramir and his Knights as they gallop to recapture Osgiliath in The Return of The King movie... at the command of Denethor, Faramirs mournful and increasing unhinged father... A wonderful little interplay of cut scenes shows Pippin commanded to sing to entertain Denethor as he partakes of a light lunch ... and Billy Boyd as Pippin just nails this little piece, a wonderful bit of PJ cinematics...

In the game they have the typical stats of a Warrior of Minas Tirith, with the added bonus of being mounted and wielding a lance, giving +1 chance to wound on the charge...

A couple of close up shots, of the one model submitted to the bonus theme round...

They are fairly straight forward to do, the only tricky bit really being the eyes inside the partially enclosed helmet...

Looking forward to giving them a whirl on the table top, and I must try and get the Mounted Armoured Faramir model done to lead them...


  1. Knights of Minas Tirith looks very nice Scott. Good painting as always :)

  2. Excellent. I can actually see a box of them from where I am sitting but I must focus on my Afghan Sikhs!

  3. They look absolutely wonderful Scott!

  4. Great work Scott, they look excellent!

  5. Very lovely figures, Scott. Love the shield motif.

  6. Is that two standards I can see there..... argh more mounted nastiness!
    You'll have to get the nice armoured Faramir and with those new Osgiliath ruins we'll set up a game to see if he can retake it!

    1. No not a banner, they are all lance pennants - just pretty ;)

      Yes was just thinking of getting my mounted faramir sone to lead them, and I have a mounted Banner bear too.

      Yep that sounds like a plan :)

  7. Charrrrrgggeee!!! lovely work! Great job on the horses they are well done!


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