Monday, June 30, 2014

Uruk Hai Scouts

In between covering myself in PVA glue and polyfilla, I have managed to pick the paintbrush up from time to time too... and before my blog posts become a little boring, with repeated pictures of a certain white rocky staircase... I thought I'd put up some pics of models I finished recently...

Uruk Hai Scouts...

This is one box of 24 (that's the old size boxes)... done. I'll be needing these troops as part of my ongoing Journey-book campaign - they'll get an outing first at Amon Hen, where they break up the Fellowship, and then will see ongoing use through the events of the Two Towers... raiding the Westfold, the battles at the Fords of Isen and on to Helms Deep...

In the movie, these troops look virtually black, but I wanted at least a little colour to them, so after usual black undercoat, I used a dark pallette; using GW Bestial brown for the Uruk skin, and then Foundry 34B, 6A, 31A and GW Rhinox Hide for the various clothing, leather armour effects, rotated around through the various models. The metal armour got the usual Tin Bitz followed by BoltGun drybrush (or Gun metal). Exposed hair was drybrushed Foundry 34B. The whole model then washed in black wash, then the small edge highlights picked out again with the base colour, on the clothing and leather armour, and skin. Facial detail was picked out on those without helmets, and some white-hand marks painted on the exposed faces...

Then, since they're just plastic figures, and not so likely to chip as metal ones are, I didn't bother with the polyurethane gloss varnish, but just went straight to Vallejo matt acrylic brush on varnish. Then based as usual. Thinned PVA on the base, sprinkled on fine beach sand, washed in Vallejo Sepia wash. Dry brushed with Vermin Fur and then 'cream' and finally spots of static grass PVA'ed on.

Job done...

I rather like them, and think they'll make versatile skirmish scouting troops for various scenarios without being the 'tanks' that the main uruk soldiery can be - might give some of my Riders of Rohan a fighting chance then!

I've also got Lurtz lined up to paint, as well as Mauhur, and an Uruk scout command set of banner and drummer. Plus half dozen or so old metal uruk scouts to add to this force... and the scenario scout models carrying Pippin and Merry...

I've got another couple of boxes of plastic scouts too in case I need them. Originally bought for WOTR scale games, not sure I will need them now in the SBG setting, as WOTR seems to have gone phutt! We'll see...

Grrrr "Find the Halflings! Find the Halflings!"...


"They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!" ... ;-)


  1. Great stuff, really like the look of these guys, always difficult to get such a dark figure to look good. Leather, armour, skin all come out nice. Got me reaching for my boxes of Rohan.

  2. Lovely as always Scott. I'm quite jealous if you're ability to do eyes, I can never get them right so just leave them shadowed.
    I think Riders of Rohan might do quite well against the Scouts ( or Uruk Light Tanks).
    "Isengard, Isengard" - have you seen the clip on youtube of Orlando Bloom taking the michael!

  3. Meat 's back on the menu boys!!! I've always liked the scouts these look rather lovely.

  4. To Isengard! Curse you, now you've got that going through my head... lovely painting, though. Always had a thing for the UH scouts.

  5. Fantastic Scott - the additional colour is really good and needed at such a scale I think. As mentioned, your work on the eyes really makes them pop.

    Great job!

  6. Very very nice brushwork Scott!

  7. Fabulous job Scott, I thought these were a superb realisation in the movie - everything I hoped they would be.

  8. Splendid job! The only thing that cheers me up is that I have already painted a box of these so I don't have to dig them out to look at! In fact, the only complete boxes of plastics I have ever painted are LotR ones!

  9. Nice work Scott. The Uruk Hai scouts are my favourite. I for one am not bored of photos of a rocky white staircase. :-)

  10. Great looking troops; I'm not at all familiar with the factions/troops in LotR, but these guys definitely have a menacing look about them. Dean

  11. Really nice work Scott and they do look dangerous!



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