Friday, June 06, 2014

Roll up Roll up! $$$$$$ Stuff For Sale...

Roll up Roll up...

No it's not rat on a stick! (Image courtesy of Diskworld Miniatures)
... 'I'd be cuttin' me own throat if I went a cent cheaper'... to quote Mr Dibbler! ;-)

OK, no great shakes really, just trying to drum up a bit of interest...

As part of my ongoing figure rationalization, I have decided to try and reach a slightly greater audience for figure sales than simply New Zealand's Trademe (a homegrown 'Ebay' for us Kiwis) ...

And besides both Trademe and Ebay want their cut (and Ebays fees are based on a %age of total sale inc. shipping costs!, which will hurt selling from the Antipodes)... and Ebay I have found a bit of a pain as a seller, coming back to it recently, especially being out here on the edge of the world, as they seem to want you to quote shipping costs before you can get anything listed, for every possible destination, up front - I buggered about with it for a while and gave up...

So anyway - I have added a FOR SALE page to the blog, just under the blog header image at top...

I have added a few things to get the ball rolling so to speak, more to be added over time... even if you're not interested in the current items I'd be interested if you think I am pitching the sale at the right price, or not - too expensive, too cheap? Its hard to judge.

I may even use it as a stepping stone for commission painting or at least maybe paint stuff up just for sale, so keep a look out.

Here's the direct link:

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great idea Scott, unfortunately dwarves dont float my boat but pricing seems about right considering the quality of your work. Really it's come down to what people are prepared to pay and sadly that price doesnt neccesarily reflect the time , effort and sheer talent that goes into the finished product.

    1. Thanks Gav, this was just to get it rolling... I've got a bunch of stuff on trademe now, but am tired of folks just 'watching it', and not bidding, so I have to keep re-listing, very frustrating! So once that ends the current round, I'll be adding a lot more to this sale page...

  2. Great idea Scott, best of luck with this. You might well be on to something here.

  3. Great idea Scott. Good luck!

  4. Good luck Scott! Those old school dwarfs are pretty sweet!

  5. Best of luck with the sale. Some great looking figs especially them elves! Try the Bazaar on the Lead Adventure Forums as well.


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