Thursday, August 08, 2013

Stuka zu Fuss

An impulse purchase, from Macks Track, yet one I had been considering for some time, and a perfect accompaniment to my half track horde, especially since I recently completed a pioneer platoon; the "Stuka zu Fuss" half track.

So named, and translating roughly as 'Stukas on foot', as the impact of this rocket launching system was equivalent to the ground troops half tracks having their own stuka on call with them...

The half track was fitted with 6 launch tubes each containing a 28cm diameter rocket. Where ever these landed would cause extreme devastation...

stuka zu fuss

In the game, the vehicle gets a one shot artillery barrage, but with 6 chances to range in... so the sooner you range in, the more rockets have hit their mark and the greater the impact...

Looking at the weapons stats and since it was going to be a one shot weapon, I wanted to figure out what best to shoot it at, and I think the best, or most vulnerable target is going to be either gun teams that have fired, due to their low 5+ save, or troop concentrations, even when dug in, or in buildings... open topped armoured vehicles could be good targets too...

The weapon only has a fairly low armour penetration of 3, but a huge 1+ firepower, and that last factor is what makes it deadly against dug in troops...

Once fired, the half track can still function as a mobile machine gun in support of the pioneers.

I look forward to trying it out...

In modelling terms the model was a little fiddly to put together, as all the racks had to be attached to the half track sides and the rocket cases attached to these... but it was fairly straight forward. Painting was my usual tri color camo, though the half track rocket frames have picked up the final dry brush perhaps a little excessively, giving the vehicle a slightly brighter yellowy tone than the rest of the regular half tracks... but I am happy with it. I even got decals on, simple black crosses, on vehicle sides between the rockets and one on the rear lower door panel, though they don't show on the pictures.


  1. Nice work as always, Scott. It really is impressive to see how advanced the Germans were in some areas so long ago - horse-drawn artillery next to stuff like this, not to mention their rocketry. Best, Dean

  2. A brilliantly brutal looking machine!

  3. Very nice looking, just make sure you get to fire it before it gets hammered


  4. It's quite a beauty and just what Ian said!

  5. Nice and a cool addition to your army!


  6. Thanks guys, just hoping it can rain some merry hell on my opponents :-)

  7. Looks great - will fit in well with your GPG mechanised force. Haven't heard of Macks Track before - might see what else they have.

    1. Macks Track is literally on the train station at Plimmerton. He's mainly a model railway store, but stocks some Flames of War too... and was good enough to sponsor the prizes at CTA last weekend. Owned by a pleasant chap called Graham I believe. He doesn't have a vast stock, but you never know what you might find there.
      He also has a website for the store that often has discounted prices, FoW stuff listed under 'Battlefront' - its a bit of a 'mare to find stuff though and am not sure how accurate a stock holding it represents... worth checking out if you're passing though...

  8. Lovely work there Scott. A nice bit of additional firepower!


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