Sunday, August 18, 2013

Converting FoW Infantry Teams

In my ongoing quest to find a German list that actually works, I have been playing about with more army list options, more drama on this topic can be read here.

One of these involved a change from my regular Panzergrenadiers, to the SS variety, who have an option to upgrade a number of teams from the platoon to being Panzerfaust equipped.

Rather than buy a whole new packs of Grens to do this I decided to just add the Panzerfaust teams, via rare earth magnets...

So I took an existing base of 4 guys;

Standard base awaiting conversion

... and carefully removed them from their base. I prep'd  the Panzerfaust guy and drilled out his base from the underside, and superglued a magnet into place.

I then drilled out a hole in the original base and glued a magnet into the hole, getting it flush fit with greenstuff from the underside. Then I put the original 4 guys back on the bases and re-did the flocking. Panzerfaust guy was painted up, and hey presto, he sticks nicely into place. So no having to guess or remember which stand is the panzerfaust...

Magnets in place and original figures rearranged...

So I didn't get mixed up with magnet polarity, I marked this base H for helmet for the panzerfaust guy, as the other was wearing a cap (I did two bases at the same time)

Magnets drilled and glued into position

Hey presto, Panzerfaust MG team.
And of course when being used as a regular MG team, the panzerfaust guy comes off, and a magnetized twig from the garden works as a fallen log to fill the gap...

MG team with 'fallen tree trunk.'
You could of course get really clever, with the 'gap fillers', but the twig had to do quickly as I had a game that night...

Two MG/Panzerfaust teams

Two MG/'log' teams
I really wanted to do this right as its damned annoying when someone is using proxy teams and you get up close and personal only to find out, "...oh, that's the panzerfaust team, didn't I tell you?".... yeah right...


  1. Nice work and a good idea.

    So how did the game go or is that later?


    1. To quote the Snowman (Aka Jerry Reed), " 'bout usual... I lost..."

  2. Creative use of existing figs for swap out. I like the idea. Dean

  3. Nice solution to a on-going proxy problem.


  4. Good work Scott. Was hard getting the guys off the original base? I'm thinking of rebasing my Brits, but have been a little scared of the potential for da,aging them when removing.

    1. I was lucky, I flexed the base firmly and they popped off the base along with the filler type material I had used back then... the base was re-useable...

      I just PVA glue on sand now, so that might have been more of an issue to get off cleanly...

  5. Mad but very clever! Well done Scott.

  6. To quote that classic Australian movie The Castle, "you could sell that". Great idea, and having seen them in person the effect is seamless. Really nice work.

  7. Very cool! Love the magnetic log!


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