Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Kerr and King - European Mansion

I finally managed to finish off the last of my Kerr and King buildings, their large mansion style house.

I set it in some grounds as appropriate with some of the new bottle brush trees I made and had a quick game to myself :-)

Stately home

Lift off roof and lift out top floor so troops can be placed inside as required. And as before its 15mm scale.

Tradesmans entrance, sorry about the panzer parking lot!
The usual greenstuff and dremelling required before painting, but they come up well.

Its was  good game too, I won for change, but then again, I was playing , myself! ;-)


  1. Very smart. It will make a great centre piece for the raiding mission I'm cooking up - I can see the Commandos making a daring raid on the von Kerrzenking stately mansion in an attempt to snatch German plans.... :-)

    1. Thanks, my thoughts exactly!

    2. Actually, BF do a pretty nifty set including a German sentry post and guard that would just look the part outside this building...

  2. Nice work Scott, a good impressive looking building

  3. Looks awesome Scott. Very nice work!

  4. A real beauty and a win is a win!

  5. Beautiful work Scott and those trees are a treat as well.

  6. The mansion looks great and that's a nice set up around it too!


  7. That looks really good, Scotty!

  8. Looks really good Scott. Nice pics of the figs all set up


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