Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TinMan - VSF/Steampunk, Empire of the Dead?

I have been hunting high and low, for this figure for ages. Ever since the whole VSF, GASLIGHT, Empire of the Dead thing took off, I knew he'd be perfect, but in two broken parts, which always seemed to be in different places to each other, I was never able to find both at the same time to effect a repair, until Sunday...

In a fit of tidying, I discovered both parts, at the same time...

The repair was easy and a bit of themed re-basing and, Voila!

TinMan - now Infernium powered!
The figure is a very old Citadel figure from way back in the late 80's, if I recall correctly... he came with a little dwarf engineer with a blow torch ... and were part of a cartoon strip story from the then Citadel Journal, the story involving a Chaos Ogre in full Black Plate armour, called Skragg, again if I remember it right...

The paint job is old, but serviceable, though I may need to touch up the slightly chipped paint on the end of the hammer...

Here he is paired with Professor Erazmus, from WestWinds Empire of the Dead game...

TinMan and the mad professor, his creator?
I'll just have to come up with some stats for him in the game... anyone any ideas, comments welcome below!


  1. It looks great! Perfect for EOTD. Not sure what stats I would give him. Probably would do something similar to what I did with my Supernatural Branch before the rules for them came out, just use stats and rules from a different faction. I could see it as an infernion powered werewolf or ape from gents and jackanapes.

  2. Hard to find this guy :) I have one of these too.. he's perfect for EotD.

    For stats, it depends how you'd want to run him & in what faction.

    You could simply make him a 'pack master' from the wolf faction : he only has close combat weapons, his 'sight' would likely not need daylight and being a machine he's pretty tough. He could use the same stats & abilities as a pack master and make him a hired sword?

    Or if wanting to use the mini without bending (too many) rules, he could be any hero from a human faction. Give him Full Armor, 2 Bludgeons, Steam-powered Exo-suit: (increases strength), pre-ambulator boots (bc he isn't slowed down by the exo-suit: it is him)and your choice of missile weapon depending on what you feel his power-source is: Tesla projector or Steam Cannon: the weapon is the Tin Man releasing some of his energy. Having one of these weapons would mean he'd have more hands-worth of weapons than he should,but the shooting weapon is a discharge, not a hand-held weapon, but to compensate for that advantage, just say it has to recharge for a turn after it has fired.

  3. Thanks guys, both good ideas, keep them coming!

  4. Very cool figs, Scott. Best, Dean

  5. Very good job Scott. some nice ideas. Perhaps re-skin some of the Gentlemen and Jackanapes. Maybe a proxy Cedric or Apeman?

  6. A very nice model indeed. Have to find one too.

  7. I like him, definitely full of character!


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