Wednesday, May 22, 2013

German armoured recce - Half Tracked Panzerspah, and SoTR?

Another platoon I have long been wanting to add to my Wehrmacht forces for FoW, an armoured recce platoon, half track panzerspah, comprising one SdKfz 250/1, and two SdKfz 250/9.

As recce, their role is to advance ahead of the main armoured troops, seeking out enemy ambushes and revealing gone to ground, on hiding enemy troops.

They also come equipped with sufficient fire power to spoil the day of exposed infantry, and the rapid firing 2cm gun of the 250/9's will make lightly armoured vehicles think twice about getting close...

Painted in my usual 3 colour camo style for late war...

On patrol...

Recce scout ahead past a French cafe, looking for hidden enemy...

...but wait, whats that they are scouting ahead for?

What is this? Some new devious terror weapon? A 'Secret of the Third Reich'...?

Some of you may remember a post I did some time ago about buying a 40K set for my son... well back then I threatened to do something like this, and recently I found time to do it, this guy is a test paint, but I think he's come out OK, not that I am an expert in painting 40k stuff...

I decided to mimic the late war German camo scheme and decals... The idea being the marine chapter has its roots in ancient Earth history... The marine chapter suitably being called 'Das Reich'...

I figured this would be one place where the GW overzealous use of skulls on everything would actually work, mimicking the silver deaths head motif of the Waffen SS units...

The only thing I wasn't sure about was whether I should have conduit tubes on the back of the arms, maybe black or metallic...

I figured with their camo pattern they will be perfect for use on an earth style temperate zone type planet, and so did a traditional 'grassy' base...

I will gradually work through the rest of the boxed set, probably adding another figure to a set of German armour I am working on each time...

My painting of this figure, combined with watching Alien & Aliens with my young son for the first time this week, has had him glued to the painting seat again, working on his orks, for the first time in months...

OK, so who's going to come up with some FoW stats for this bad boy... rapid firing 88mm? Yes please ;-)


  1. They look great. Cool idea with the terminator model.


  2. Great looking half-tracks and the 40K conversion looks awesome too. I agree about the use of GW's totenkopf :) Best, Dean

  3. Great pictures! The 40K idea is brilliant!

  4. Oh that's some spiffy use of the termy there Scott. Love the camo.

  5. Love the cammo effect on these Scott and the last character is a real hoot; oh dear I feel another distraction coming on.

  6. Excellent half tracks and love the secret weapon too. Very well painted!!

  7. Now that Terminator is the dogs bollox!

  8. Half tracks look great and thats a brilliant looking 40k figure camo really works.

  9. Like it! Have just been reading up on the Recce rules as part of my fast worsening FoW affliction (albeit in 20 mm)
    The 40K model will have to be able to deep-strike. Power-fist: Special rule "mit balkenkreuz"; Always strikes first, unbreakable, stubborn (seeing there is only one of the whole division left standing)Storm-trooper movement, and probably standard terminator rules for the rest. Oh yes, and flamer.
    Could also be from the Waffen-SS SS-Bataillon 'Götz von Berlichingen'; who has the clenched fist as emblem.You'll then have to paint out the 21, or change it to 201 (for the unit commander) . 21st SS were Albanian Gebirgsjaeger (Skanderberg).Great fun. Great effort. LOL

    1. Yeah Recce are great, I never leave home with out them! ;-)

      Thanks for the detailed analysis, very cool! Yes I can just see him being from 'GvB'... ah the number was a copy of german tank numbering - first number is the platoon number and second the individual 'tank'...

      I was thinking of putting a division emblem on somewhere too...

      Thanks again!

  10. LOL I really like the Paint scheme on the Terminator. It would look great on a whole army of them.

    1. Thanks Simon, thats the eventual aim though not sure how long its going to take as I have plenty of other things on the go at the mo' too...

  11. Thanks all for your kind comments! I have clearly struck a chord with the Terminator ;-)

  12. Lovely camo Scott. I take it youre building a 1:1 scale German army judging by your prolific output.

    1. Perhaps something close to that! ;-)

      I just like slowly collecting all the possible support options for my troops, and as I like playing about with all the three core types of force; Infantry, Mechanised and Tank, its continually growing my collection...
      I like the idea of the firestorm campaigns, and these often give you bonus troops you might not always have the troops for so these gradually need acquiring too... I need some PzIV/70s still for current campaign, and definitly need some Flak36 '88s' too...

  13. 'Great Scott'. Superb painting all round.

  14. Really good painting! And the French café is very nice :)


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