Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Victorian Civilians - Empire of the Dead

One of the scenarios in the Empire of the Dead game, required there to be 10 civilians on the board. They are essentially going to be the prey for one faction; Werewoves or Vampries, whilst the opposing faction - Gentlemen or Brotherhood, are trying to protect them!

So as part of my recent mini figure haul from Westwind, I grabbed their assorted civilian pack, and a pack of their strumpets (love that word!).

So I got 6 males and 4 females finished and ready to give me an interesting assortment of 'targets' for the game!

Again they were the older style figures with cast bases, which I cut away to put them on the round plastic bases, and effected a paving pattern with greenstuff.

The 'gents' arrayed outside the cemetery...

... from L to R; the old codger, the stevedore/sailor(?), the chimney sweep, the drunk, the paper boy and the bare knuckle fighter...

And the 'ladies of the night'...

... quite a mixed bag of strumpets here! I have tried to restrain the colours and not go too over the top. Thinking that these women would be hard living and probably equally hard drinking souls, frequenting gin shops and the like, and then selling the 'wares' to those they can find in the street, probably in not the cleanest of locales... I wanted to give them a rather grubby look, yet perhaps with an attempt at 'airs and graces.'

However, to quote local parlayance; "Go on mate, you're 'aving a larf! I wouldn't touch 'er wif yours!"... ;-)

Bearing in mind the diseases that would be widespread by dealing with such as these delictables of the nocturnal setting, is it any wonder someone set about their demise with a rather sharp knife!

Also remember that the cure for syphilis at the time was to inject mercury down the shaft of the willy, todger, johnson, call it what you will. Whatever you call it, the thought of it brings tears to my eyes I can tell you! ;-)

 These would have made a nice little start to my Painting Challenge entries but I had started them last week so no hope of that. Still it clears the painting table for the Challenge to commence!

So I think that brings to more or less conclusion the figures I need to play most scenarios for the Empire of the Dead. Now I just need to make a selection of city buildings and effect a terrain board for them. I have got hold of some brick patterned Plasticard and am just awaiting Atenocities Workshop getting into stock some doors and windows, and I can make a start. I have an idea for a corner public house to start with...

However this project will have to vie for attention with 'Goblin Town' that I started making yesterday, for The Hobbit. My Hobbit starter set arrived in the mail today, after having my new Hobbit Rulebook arrive on Friday, so I am positivley fizzing with creativity. The new rules look great and I am looking forward to trying them out...

As ever I am typically biting off more than I can chew with projects in states of completion around the house! Just aswell I have an understanding wife!



  1. Oh yes, I want these too! Great job Scott.

    1. Nice figures aren't they, thanks Michael! :-)

  2. Your post brought tears to my eyes... Another great batch of EotD figs Scott! Looking forward to more, but will settle with checking out your progress with the Hobbit stuff. :-)


    1. LOL :-) Most definitely... I still have a few more figures for EotD to roll out, which I'll try and include in between the Hobbit stuff! A few more civvies including London Gents, and Police Inspectors... and a couple of Zendarian officer types... Hopefully they'll score me some points for the Challenge!

  3. Really great looking figures, Scott. And that cemetery is to die for - it's so realistic - sorry for the bad pun, but it is indeed a great piece of terrain. Warm Regards, Dean

  4. I'm starting to like these figures for Empire of The Dead Scott. Your background information really makes me glad I'm not a guy!

    1. Thanks Anne, you know, you're not wrong there! ;-)

  5. Great looking civvies sir. I'm sure they'd come in handy for the ripper scenario's to.

  6. Again a very cool period! Great painting btw!


  7. It is indeed fun! Cheers

  8. I really like what you've been doing with EoD. Both this batch of figures and the prior ones are excellent.


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