Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Hobbit - SBG - ...And so it begins! Goblin Town - WIP

Well this weekend saw me skipping about with excitement. First when I came home from work on Friday night, my The Hobbit rulebook had arrived! So I had the weekend to have a perusal through and see what these new rules tweaks are all about.

Certainly a lavish book, and very pleasing to see the LotR Source Journey books are all still valid, as are the recent Warbands Armies books.

The new rules work seemlessly with the existing models and rules and stats... so all is well, and quite a relief!

And Monday when I came home from work the Starter Set was waiting for me! Wonderful!

Knowing what was going to be in the starter set -  and having seen the movie trailer, I realised I had suitable terrain for just about everything already, except 'Goblin Town'... so I made a start... I had some poly sheet and some dense poly too left over from previous projects, and a pile of balsa. I quickly used the balsa I had and grabbed some more from local toystore.

NZ$20 and I have enough blasa sheet to cover most of the board... I'll see how it goes, might need a bit more...
Goblin town wooden platforms start to take shape

So dense poly shapes cut out and a quick once over with sand textured paint, and it was starting to take shape...
Goblin Town planned out on a 4' x 4' sheet of 2" thick poly

Then a quick rummage in the garden borders and a pile of bark chip mulch was sourced.

Bark Mulch from the garden - 'Free' terrain supplies! :-)

And on it gets glued into place to effect the rock walls.

Smaller bark bits will be added to fill the gaps, and the joins sealed with more sand textured paint.

 I hope progress will continue apace!

Stay tuned Hobbit fans!


  1. Looking forwards to this project- I'm thinking about doing the same.

  2. Looking promising my precious.......

  3. wow. you certainly lost no time throwing yourself heart and soul into the new releases. can't wait to see the finished board!

  4. I can tell you're excited! You're wife won't be seeing much of you for the next few weeks!

    1. LOL, did I say she was very understanding? ;-)

  5. Happy to see Christmas came early for you, Scott. Your project certainly shows your energy. Best wishes and Happy Holidays, Dean

    1. Thanks Dean , and to you and yours!

  6. WOW!!
    the Goblin's town seems to be the better set of all and you're making a very good job with it... I'm waiting the next(s) step(s) ...

  7. Just joining the general praise here :) Looking good! This will turn out to some fine eye-candy I think!

    And indeed, the two "separate" systems of LotR SBG and The Hobbit SBG seems to blend well. It will be interesting if there are some minor things forgotten that turns out to be really important - something on the lines with the weapon special rules... I dont know, but we shall see...

    Regards, Llama

    1. Yes I have been watching the recent battle reports on the blogs, just wondering if and when a 'glitch' might surface...

  8. Good luck with the project. Looking forward to your results. Certainly looks like a lot of fun. :-)


  9. Best wishes with this Scott, I just know it's going to be a success.

  10. Thanks all for your kind words and encouragement.
    Much appreciated as always. I'll try not to disappoint!

  11. A god start and looking forward to seeing this grow



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