Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kick off!... 3rd Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge underway! And Goblin Town - WIP

Well the 20th has arrived and that means the start of the Analogue Hobbies 3rd Annual Painting Challenge!

By definition of the rules, models may be undercoated before the start of the challenge, well I have managed to get 2 models prep'd and ready to go... Groblog the Goblin King of Moria for LOTR/Hobbit, and a Police Inspector for EotD...

I have manged to trim and base the first 14 goblins from the The Hobbit starter set too, so a quick blast of black undercoat and they'll be good to go...

I'd also like to get this battalia of Gondorians finished too since I have recently got back into LOTR. I started them ages ago when I first got my airbrush, thinking, 'Ooooh I can whack some silver on that lot quick as you like'. But other than a quick dark brown wash afterwards, they have languished unfinished... I realise they wont score me any points as they are already started but I'd still like to try and get them finished none the less... (I am offering this as part of an excuse when I don't score too many points during the challenge!)

And of course I am pressing madly on with Goblin Town...

It's getting to the screaming point ! If I see another bit of bark mulch I'll flip my lid! ;-)
But here it is now mostly assembled, just needs painting. I stacked the layers together just for ease of photography....

I have only got a few more bits to finish off assembling.... And then there was several sheets of balsa to chop up and glue together and paint brown for the wooden platforms of Goblin Town. This old ice-cream container is brimming with them, ready to use. I'm going to give them a light dry brush to finishes them off...

So thats where I am at. In some ways the Challenge hasn't come at the best time for me as I am part way into several projects, one major one of which is terrain...

But no matter, I am just along for the ride, and just happy to log whatever I can against the Challenge.

I have set myself a target of 600 points and we'll soon see how close I manage to get to it.

Heres wishing all my fellow Ronin the best of luck!


  1. Nothing like an all-consuming, insurmountable challenge to fritter away the hours in an offhand way eh. Press on that man, What oh!

  2. I'm waiting for the Goblin Town: I'm sure that it will be a very nice building/terrain scene!
    nothing to say about the GW Goblins....

  3. Good luck Scott! This Goblin Town project is quite exciting!


  4. Good luck and the bits and pieces for the town are starting to look brilliant

  5. Down down to Goblin-town!! Can't wait to see the finished project. I'm sure it will be spectacular.

    1. LOL, yes indeed ;-) I think I have enough done now for a simple layout, but of course it will be the kind of thing that you can just keep adding to... layer upon layer, and endless differing twisted rock formations... but as always with terrain, a balance with playability... if your models can't stand on it without falling over, then there is no point, no matter how good it looks!...

  6. Making good progress there Scott. I'm off to see the film tomorrow...

    1. Cheers , I hope you enhjoy it, I'm sure you will...

  7. Best wishes on your endeavor - I am confident you'll do great. Love that Goblin King hanging off the wall. Best, Dean


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