Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Victorian Base board continued...

Well the Challenge is well and truly on, but there's still other work to do too!

Over the weekend, in the lead up to Challenge kick off, I kept busy with terrain matters and got the drain covers sorted for Victorian base board.

The protruding pipe uprights were trimmed flush to board with the dremel, and interior of pipe painted black. Plastic mesh was also cut to size, sprayed black and glued into place. Finally a length of square section thick plastic rod was cut to two small lengths and these glued over the top of the mesh to effect the drain.

This would also gave me an edge to plaster up to when I skim coat the table.

Here's the two drain covers

Whilst various bits of this process were drying, I also managed to make a couple more under table storage units for the games room after redo-ing the table arrangement.

under table storage
Made from 5mm MDF sheet and some timber posts... So plenty of space now to store all the planned EotD Victorian buildings :-)

OK, tonight, whilst some shade wash dries on my current Challenge models... I went back to the base board. I had bought a 2kg bag of polyfilla (not really knowing how much I would need), and a plasterers spreading tool, to try and get the surface as smooth as possible.

After about half an hour I had used the whole bag, making a batch at a time, spreading, and making some more, till I had it as well as I could manage.

So we ended up with this...

I think I am going to need to add another layer of filler to build up a little more as the drain covers are still protruding. I'll wait till it dries fully and get more filler at the weekend...


  1. I envy your gaming storage, the drains look good have you tested your fog system yet?

    1. Afraid not - I am just plugging away in the hope it will actually work once I finally get hold of some dry-ice!

  2. "Made from 5mm MDf sheet and some timber posts... So plenty of space now to store all the planned EotD Victorian buildings :-)"
    I have told you, you are very very lucky!

  3. Very productive work, damn good too Scott!

  4. My word you have been busy Scott!

  5. Looking good! Can't wait to see you do the cobbles ;-)

    1. I looked at the red lentils and whilst the right size and shape - I think it will be hellishly laborious to have to place each one at a time... my mate Roly suggested some kind of tough patterned carpet tiles, but I am still unsure... I can't help hearing the Dremel calling..

    2. Also looked at a weblink where somewhere made a cobblestone roller - but that looks quite a lot of work just to make the roller and I wasn't terribly impressed with the final results...

  6. That's a great set-up you've got yourself there Scott!

  7. I'm getting more and more curious about your project, Scott.
    Ver well done so far!

  8. Looking good so far Scott. Fingers crossed it works when you get hold of some dry ice :D

  9. If this is a success a lot of us will be following your example, I salute you for leading the way Scott.
    Merry Christmas,


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