Sunday, May 01, 2016

Bolt Action Germans

Continuing my Bolt Action fun, I am starting to work through painting my infantry. I have been assembling and base painting both German and American forces for some time and enjoying gaming with them in between times.

This has gone against my normal practice of fully painting stuff before use. But I really wanted to get into and start enjoying this game system. 

However I have managed to these completed... 

German command...

German Field observers ...

German Panzerschrek team...

German Flamethrower...

I must admit I am trying to do these promptly so haven't been worrying about top highlights, nor eyes. I still think they look OK for table top use.

More to come.


  1. Nice work simple yet effective.

  2. They look fantastic Scott!

  3. Very nice pics, Scott. And even nicer to have seen some of them in real-life in our recent game. I've given up on painting eyes, by the way.

    1. Thanks Roly. I think as my own eyes get a little older, and time constraints seems to bite a little more, its one little step, that could be missed... I think part of my thinking on that changed when we did those 54mm diorama Anzac figures... we were instructed not to paint eyes, and just let the shade wash do the work... its kind of made me think if we're not going to do eyes on 54mm... why worry about them on 28mm???


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