Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Bolt Action - German MG42 Team

Another little addition to my German army...

The much feared MG42, or as it was nicknamed - "Hitlers Buzzsaw" !

As with many of Warlords sets the figures come with a set of optional heads so you can choose which to use... The one I used for the Gunner caught my eye...

Take a closer look...

It can now be revealed what the fiendish past of Dr Nefario was! ;-)

For those of you left puzzled, check out the animated movie "Despicable Me"... one of those great kids movies that adults get a laugh out of watching too...

I now must find a way of equipping my Grenadiers with "Fart guns"... ;-)


  1. I always suspected Dr.Nefario... Jokes aside I'm enjoying these bolt action figures. Definitely giving me inspiration for painting mine that I have recently acquired. Well done on the good paint job.

  2. That is a cracking unit Scott and the Dr. Nefario had me chuckling.

  3. Ha ha, good one Scott. Although I am going to insist that your mmg team can only go at a snail's pace from now on!

    1. Nah, I'm sure he'd figured out jet propulsion by then ;-)

  4. Great looking weapon team! The Dr does love his villains to work for!


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