Friday, April 29, 2016

Farmhouse completed.

A few pics of the completed farmhouse I showed earlier...

I decided to just go with a predominantly grey stone colour scheme, with a few areas of yellow or red bricks...

I did crop down the length of the chimney to protect against breaks. I just got it painted and Chris dropped it and snapped the chimney off! Thankfully it was a clean break and glued back together ok.

The internals again just whitewashed and a stained balsa wood floor. An opening front door too.

And some Krauts to show possible occupancy.

Well that's my second building done. I have something a little bigger planned next ... Watch this space. 


  1. That has worked so well Scott and a good call with the chimney, probably saved yourself a lot of heartache there.

  2. Great job and a great looking piece!

  3. Lovely piece of work Scott - you should be justly proud of your handiwork!

  4. That turned out very well indeed mate!


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