Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Gondor Reinforcements - Pippin Guard of the Citadel, and Mounted Banner Bearer.

In the lead up to Chris and I attending Call to Arms this year, there were a few army choices to be made...

For Chris's Gondor force, we decided to add the Mounted Banner bearer to his force of mounted knights, for that all so useful melee re-roll, especially when the knights could be operating off on a flank, away from  the army centre, where the main army Banner would be.

When I selected the banner bearer from my horde-of-unpainted-miniatures stash (we've all got one right?)... I also noticed Pippin in the livery of a Guard of the Citadel.

I couldn't resist painting him up at the same time...

He didn't make the cut for the army list, but he's a great little figure all the same, hard to resist... enjoy the pics...


  1. Lovely job as always Scott - that must be quite a collection you've painted up now!

  2. Nice Pippin, I've got the very same model lingering in my pile too!

    1. So many lingerers... must keep on track with "Operation reduce the leadpile"! ;-)

  3. Excellent work on those chaps. A boost for Gondor, I'm sure.


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