Saturday, September 12, 2015

Morannon Orcs

I finally finished off my set of 24 Morannon Orcs, part of which saw their first action at the recent Call to Arms Event as previously featured...

Here's the 24 finally done... I have kept their tunics largely red throughout, to make them standout as Morannons, compared to the regular orc soldiery... the next batch of Morannons I do I may add in more varied browns and grays to break up the red...

I also just managed to finish off the Morannon Command set, and an extra pair of Morannon Orc Commanders...

I don't normally add blood to blades as its so easily over done, but this orc has clearly just chopped off someones head so it seemed appropriate...

The Orc captain who welcomes the three hunters to the docks at Harlond... "Come on you sea rats, get off your ships..."...

Morannon Orc Shaman...

Another captain...

...and banner bearer...

So here's the Full set of command and troops...

And of course, I'll have to add Gothmog to the scene... I painted him some time ago and in a more vibrant style, so I guess he stands out more now as the overall commander... seems appropriate :)

Come on if you think you're hard enough! ;-)


  1. Están geniales Scott, vaya nivel de pintura ;)

    Un saludo!

  2. Excellent work as always, Scott. The armor looks appropriately sinister.

  3. Excellent work with the brush on these guys Scott!

  4. They're fantastic. I love the various skin tones on the orcs, and the use of red really ties the unit together. A very threatening, nasty looking bunch.

  5. The time of the Orc has indeed come at your house!

  6. Very nice! I mean to get my hands on some of these bad boys some day.

  7. They looks nice. Great paint job :)

  8. Those are stellar, Scott!

    I really need to strip and repaint my Morannons :(

  9. Excellent addition to your collection, Scott!

  10. Beautiful work Scott! I've always enjoyed your LotR/Hobbit work and these certainly don't disappoint.


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