Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Theodred, on foot.

Continuing the Rohan theme of LOTR painting... I dug out my Theodred, on foot model.

I painted the mounted version some time ago, but at that time didnt have the foot model, but managed to source one on the web trade groups, though had to buy the whole character pack again to get him... so I have a spare Mounted Theodred now...not sure whether to sell him on or keep for a captain conversion...

I painted him up trying to match the original colour scheme I did for the mounted version, and I think I came pretty close.

I also entered him the New Zealand Hobbit League painting competition for May...

The mounted Theodred model, painted back in March 2011. I jazzed up the base a bit adding a few scenic clumps to better match my more recently done stuff.

Both models together...

Theodred...Kings son,.. doomed to die at the Battle of the Fords of Isen...

He's a good hero in the game to lead a Rohan warband... his only downfall... a lack of fate points!


  1. Tiene muy buena pinta Scott!

    Buen trabajo ;)

  2. Excellent painting as always, Scott. The faces (eyes especially) look great.

  3. Looks great, good job on the face
    Good luck for the New Zealand Hobbit League painting competition

  4. Awesome work on Theodred Scott!

  5. Great job. Looks really nice. cheers

  6. It says a lot for your painting that when I click on the pictures and they appear the equivalent of 90mm figures that they still look good!

    1. Have to second mr Legatus here. Really well painted!


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