Thursday, May 29, 2014

A trial switch to Google+ Comments

Dear all,

Back in February I proposed a switch to Google+ for comments on the blog and received thoughts and opinions for and against.

Over the intervening weeks, I have continued to blog; writing my own and reading and commenting on others...

I have to say, I continue to find the interaction with the Google+ comments an easy exercise... first up comments can be edited if you stuff your fat-finger typing up as I frequently do! Also weblinks are easier to add in the comments field, and there is automatic notification to comments made, and their replies making for better and easier interaction, back and forth, I find.

So I have decided to turn on Google+ Comments for the blog here, at least as a trial... I believe I can turn it back again should I so choose...

This will sadly mean that if you do not have a Google+ ID, you wont be able to leave comments at all. You will of course still be able to read the blog!

So I sincerely hope those inconvenienced in this way, still continue to patronise my blog... I mean no disservice to you, and may I humbly suggest you consider setting up a Google+ ID - it's easy to do.

Thanks again.
Kind regards,

PS - If you still want to contact me, but can't now leave a comment, there is still my email contact link in sidebar...

PPS... one thing I have noticed, the comments indicator below reads Zero, when there is over 20 comments there now, so not sure why that is...?

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