Saturday, January 04, 2014

NON-wargaming post - (sorry) - Kitchen Utensil drawer tidy.

Remember I mentioned I scored some brownie points with SWMBO - here's what I made with the 5mm MDF 'off cuts'...

Simple box construction,  from 5mm MDF and PVA wood glue. I obviously measured internal space of the drawer to figure out how big to make it ... its approx 5" high, 19" deep and 38" wide...
MDF needs a primer before painting as the wood is is very absorbent. Once dry, two coats of an enamel gloss finish paint were applied. This was left over paint from our house build some years ago...

7yr old daughters foot for scale ;-)
It does make the drawer noticeably heavy now, but with a little care in use,  I think its fine and everything now goes in, in a reasonably tidy fashion! This was all just in 'loose' before...

I'm quite chuffed it worked out, obviously all that previous practice with MDF has paid off ;-)

Normal service will now be resumed!


  1. SWMBO, must have a sacrifice occasionally. Top job.

  2. Now SWMBO can go out and buy a bigger rolling pin and perhaps some longer wooden spoons to just remind you who is boss.

    I can really relate to this post as my current painting and modelling time is being consumed by repairing skirting board after my SWMBO decided our daughter needed a new wardrobe. The old one was taken out okay, but has left a mess behind. At least my modelling skills are being appreciated (especially when it comes to assembling the new one - which I am too scared to point out is the same as the old one more or less).

    1. LOL , yes indeed! A bigger rolling pin? Eek! ;-)

      Must admit my general modelling skills come in useful for general DIY work round the house... the catch being of course; ...because you can paint a model, its assumed you can also paint a house (1:1 scale) ! Groan!

      Where my man-skills fail me is automotive stuff - I can change oil and filter (usually depending how they hide the darn filter), have done brake pads too , but that's about my limit...

  3. Now you can do the same for your tools, very nice.

  4. Good thing Liz doesn't read wargaming blogs. My DIY efforts these holidays was to re-glaze broken and cracked windows around the house. I would post a picture of the window but you would see right through it.

    1. I must have a spin out to the 'woolshed' sometime to check it out, Brian. It would be an excuse for a decent ride out on the bike on a summers day perhaps?


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