Friday, January 10, 2014

I See Fire...

I just had to blog this... I have heard the song a few times now, having downloaded the movie soundtrack from ITunes...

 Found this video on Youtube... Hauntingly beautiful song with wonderful backdrop of MiddleEarth for the video...


 Yes I realise all the video sequences are from first movie, but that doesn't affect my enjoyment of this song nor simply seeing, and briefly feeling immersed in, MiddleEarth...

 Hope you enjoy it...

It's one of the great things about gaming MiddleEarth, there's all the movies to watch for inspiration, both model painting and terrain making, and soundtracks to play when gaming - wonderfully 'immersive'...


  1. Beautiful song !! beautiful images !

  2. Was on a road trip recently and heard it on the radio.
    I liked it as well.

  3. It is a good song and worked well as the final credits tune as it tied in quite nicely following the final scene.

  4. Said to say that Sony has blocked this in America so I can see or hear it.

    1. I am surprised they can do that! There are other versions of the song there on youtube so hopefully you can see those... btw for some reason I though you were in the UK!

  5. Not heard that track before, goes really well with the footage though.

  6. My daughter loves Ed Sheeran but I can't stand it! And she then went and saw The Desolation of Smaug without me, so now I doubt whether I will get to see it in the cinema! Grr!

  7. I agree, its a good song and fits with the other soundtracks quite nicely. It certainly would be cool to run a campaign/tournament with the soundtracks as backing music! Although you'd have to overcome (legally!) the performance rights etc!


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