Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Next Generation - a new beginning

My recent interest in Flames of War, and WW2 gaming continues apace. To be honest since switching focus here I haven't ever played so many games with such regularity, as I have done recently against several opponents. So thats a good thing :-)

Considering expanding on WW2 periods, as Brett has an Italian force, I thought about doing something MidWar for Desert. I remembered from some time ago that good mate Roly had the beginnings of an 8th Army force lurking somewhere, so I queried with him whether he'd like to dust these guys off and get them into a playable state.

The Plastic Soldier Company has produced a set of Panzer III's that would mean a DAK Panzer force could be cheaply and quickly assembled.

However, I dont think WW2 was ever to the fore in Roly's gaming preferences, and in the end, Roly instead decided to offer these figures up as a gift to my son Christopher, to encourage him to start painting and gaming!

Apparently they had been a gift to Roly a long time ago, for Roly's son Oliver to get into painting and gaming. But Oliver never showed any real interest, hence the figures languished for a long time.

I think this was part of the reason for Roly offering them up they way he did. Its the kind of guy Roly is!

So my son, now has the makings of a small 8th Army infantry force. They are in the old style packaging and it may take a little while to figure out how to set them up, but thankfully there are guides for doing this on the FoW website, and painting guides too.

So today, father and son made a start trimming and filing up the first pack of infantry. With a bit of luck, if the local store is open today we're off to see if we can get the right colour paints for the uniforms :-)


  1. Great stuff Scott. Photos to follow in good time I trust. Good on ya Roly.

  2. Having spend the better part of today on a big FoW game ... huzzah to you and your son! In a few years when my children are a bit older I hope they take an interest in some of the historical mini gaming as well. I have grand ambitions for some big campaigns someday ... eventually. I'm thinking I have decent odds that at least a few of the five children ranging in age between 14 months and 7 ... will catch the bug :) Good luck and happy gaming!

  3. Sounds like a great father & son project; best wishes to both of you. Dean

  4. I've got 4 girls, who all think their Dad's a sad old git painting figures, I'll have to wait for a grandson to brainwash into wargaming and hopefully that'll be a long way off in the future!!

  5. LOL , thanks Guys, I'll keep you updated with his/our progress. ;-)

  6. Sounds like a perfect start to a Sunday morning. Looking forward to seeing how the project progresses.


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