Friday, January 20, 2012


Grandpa Bede, Becky, Chris and Grandpa George

Dear folks, I must apologise to those who follow my blog, but I am likely to be out of commission, or AWOL, until the 8th Feb..

My father, George - just turned 70 back in Nov 2011, has arrived from the UK for a vacation with us, and will be staying until the aforementioned date. Consequently my painting output will be seriously compromised until after this date.

Sad to say although he actually arrived 30 mins ahead of schedule... his journey was terrible due to a 14 hour delay leaving Heathrow for Singapore, due to a 'technical fault'... so he missed out on his overnight stop at Singapore where he could have at least got back to feeling human again..., so a brief 2hr stop and then crammed back on 'cattle-class'... but he has held up remarkably well, no doubt thanks to the the 'water of life'...

Talking of which, we hope to do some serious damage to this that he brought with him...

It has to be said we have had some warm-ups before tackling this beastie, with a bottle or two of Grants, but we'll get there...

Needless to say also, this blog post has taken me an age to type due to the effects of the aforementioned product... so I apologise if blog posts through this period are a bit hit and miss... thank you for your patience and understanding...

On a historical note (and wargaming?) I have managed to find out that 'the vicar'(as mentioned in prior blog post), who was a tanker in Normandy and onwards, has a real name; Alfred Hickman, a sergeant and commander of a tank that I believe was a sherman, and served with '15th Scottish', who may have operated alongside the Guards... He retired from the fire service aged 55 in 1972.... so if anyone can shed more info on this chap, I would be intrigued...

Signing off, Scott...


  1. See you again on the 8th, have a good time....

  2. Sounds like a perfectly good reason to go AWOL. Have a great time.

  3. Have fun with your Dad and that bottle! Hvae a gaert tmie!! hic!!!!

  4. Your Dad looks like you. Nice to see pics of the two grandads. Have fun (sing out if you need a hand with that bottle!).


  5. A man has to have priorities.

    Spending the evenings enjoying a fine single malt with Dad....

    ..nope can't think of anything higher than that. :-)

    Have a grand time.

  6. May I compliment your father on his exquisite taste in single malts...Aye the Macallan,the yardstick by which all others are measured.

  7. Thanks all for your 'encouragement'.

    Im back on track now, and my liver has been coaxed out of the corner, with a milk thistle refresher and a promise of nothing harsher than ribena for a week or so... ;-)


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