Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Royal Navy crew

I finally managed to get back to some painting work, and have finished my first starting crew figures for my Legends of The High Seas, Royal Navy Crew.

Here you can see them defending the Governors Mansion

Here the Captain and First officer.

And the remaining crew.

The figures are from Brigadegames Caribbean Empires range. I found them very nice figures, that match well with my Foundry pirates. They are perhaps ever so slightly smaller than the Foundry figs but its hardly noticeable.

One thing did trouble me a little. The captain wears a bicorne style hat, which really puts him in the more Napoleonic period, - late 1700s early 1800s. I considered doing a hat or head swap with a tricorne hat more appropriate for the period. But then good mate Roly pointed out the figure also has a turned back lower part to his jacket, which again puts him in this later period. In the end I decided to leave him as is. Its not as if I am being terribly bothered about true historic representation about this Pirate skirmish gaming, so on balance I think he'll look the part well enough.

The only other slight fly in the ointment, is that 2 of the regular crew carry muskets, which for a Navy crew (in LotHS) should really only be carried by Marines. I'll just have to use them 'counts as Marines' for the game.

So that's a start to the Navy. I know Foundry do a set of RN Boarding party that I hope to get that will flesh out my small navy crew.

[update 21/10/11 - its just been brought to my attention by Cap'n Blood over on the Lead Adventure forum that crew packs II & III have just been released by Brigadegames, so looks like I'll be placing another order there soon!]


  1. These are great. Be warned, though, that the Foundry figures are large -very much big 28s.

  2. Obviously a couple of marines gambled away a couple of muskets. Tsk, tsk, eh?

    -- Jeff

  3. Very nice work Scott. I must say that you are tempting me. This pirate thing looks and sounds like rather cool fun.

  4. Looking good, Scott. Completely agree about historiocity with Pirates - but I would still have put a tricorne on him because they are my favourite hat ;)(after the Picklehaube of course).

  5. Great looking figures well done Scott!

  6. Very nicely painted. Do you know if Lon intends to release French crews as well?



  7. @Tank girl - I honestly don't know. I hope so . I do know they do a Spanish Captain/officer figure, which I hope they bring out crew figures for too.

  8. More great looking figs! Nicely done.

  9. Wow - these are really nice - and nicely painted. They'd be perfect for Sharp Practice or other skirmish games. Best, Dean


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