Sunday, August 07, 2011

More pirates!

A few more pirates to swell my growing crew!

Since starting this Piracy project I've been scouring Ebay and Trademe for Foundry pirates and have picked up a few packs. Some to boost my crew but also just to make more figures available to show others the game, if they have not got their own crews already.

Plus to give me crews for NPC Merchants and Warships.

Some nice characterful figures in this pack. I especially like the 'Captain' - I see him as a Privateer captain perhaps or even a Navy type turned pirate. I'm also keen to try out the chap with what I believe is a blunderbuss type weapon.

The only figure I am not too sure about is the guy with the mask, and large axe. He looks more like a headsman executioner type. I may use him as figure to accompany my gallows set I plan to make.

Two more packs of Foundry pirates to go, but next up African Slaves from Eureka Miniatures...

update 8/8/11 -
I did find this image on wikipedia of grenade launchers suggesting these as C18th:

It would be interesting to find out if they were used as early as the 'Golden Age of Piracy' - and also what sort of rules to use for them in LotHS...
maybe make them maximum range of 12 to 15 inches (it should be less than a musket, more than a pistol)? Cost? Rarity?
I think if you roll a 1 to hit it goes off in the barrel!


  1. Very nice set of fig's Scott. The guy with the axe would be ideal as an executioner type. The others all look perfect for skirmish games.

  2. Nice looking bunch of cut throats!


  3. These look great. I like the executioner model as well.

  4. PS: I see you envisage Aztecs for Jungle Natives? Quite an exciting possibility, but Aztecs in full paraphernalia would require a 'Lost City of Gold' -an inspirational idea, but requiring a lot of modeling? Pirates, in games even more than in historical reality, met numerous and very diverse opponents -and your 'Tricorned' troops will be a welcome 'partner- but among them Native 'cannibals': for them the Eureka Eureka Caribs / Tupis enjoy a good press on TMP; Some players to increase diversity use Melanesians / Hawaiians yet I'm sure browsing the archives of the TMP 'Pirates' message board and the Lead Adventure Forum you'll see other suggestions (mine on TMP was... unconventional).

    Cheers from Monte-Cristo

  5. @Abdul666 - I previously deleted your prior post linking to 'Pirettes' - It is inappropriate material as there may be younger viewers to this blog. Please do not post such links again!

  6. Regarding the blunderbuss model - I had wondered if this was a 'grenade launcher'; but also wondered was this a real weapon of the period or pure fantasy. I have no rules for such a device in my LotHS book.
    Regarding the natives - I have ordered a selection from Brigadegames Carribean empires range. But thanks for the links to others I had not yet considered.

  7. 'Pirettes' inappropriate???? Did you look at the video, or were you mistaking it with 'Pirates' (X)? :) :) :)
    'Pirettes' is a promotional 'pre-teaser' for a project of a movie with an all women pirate crew: nothing less 'appropriate' in it than, say, in 'Cutthroat Island'!

    Great photos of the 18th C. grenade launcher. For what it may worth, loOOng ago in private correspondence Bob 'WRG' O'Brien suggested a range of 50 paces (the same as carbine fired from horseback, twice the range of hand-hurled grenandes; firelock musket had a short range of 100 paces, long range 200 paces).

  8. I did check the 'Pirettes' link, and whilst I thought it was OK, a friend had suggested it was actually a teaser for an Adult-rated movie?

    If its just a regular movie or series, then that's fine, but I don't want links to Adult rated stuff on my blog!

    As for grenade launcher - twice hand thrown range would give us an in game range of about 12".

  9. I suspect your friend saw 'Pirates'!
    As I was told soon in Univ: always check yourself the references :) :)

  10. To be fair Jean-Louis, I did check but with this kind of thing its difficult to be certain. 'Pirettes' if it ever makes it to the big screen is clearly going to be 'pretty raunchy', from its online appearance. And other than the maker's website, I could find nothing for it on IMDB. Plus all the maker's (MarkusRothkranz) websites trigger a 'caution' warning from AVG security software... so that did not bode to well in my view!

    So I think, if in doubt - don't post the link!
    Thanks for listening.

  11. I swear your painting just keeps getting better, Scott!

  12. Damned if I dont want to have a crack at painting some Pirates after looking at your superb figures.
    Jolly good show.

  13. Thanks again Guys. I appreciate your kind words, and am happy to inspire :-) Its a colourful period, and always fun to paint!


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