Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What's in a number? It must be the spambots!?

Like most bloggers I have always been interested in the amount of traffic the blog attracts, and obviously hope that I am appealing to at least few good souls out there in my hobby related ramblings...

So I often look over the stats Blogger offers...

Here's a recent snap shot:

Page views yesterday ties in with a recent blog post ( Edward Kenway), and shows a days blog activity of about 900 hits that day... That's consistent with what I have seen with my recent traffic which is usually about 7-800 hits per day normally and peaks at about 900-1100 when I put up an interesting blog post...

However wondering what the 'real picture' may be I downloaded another blog hit counter, called Statcounter, and gave that a whirl alongside. Here's what it came up with over the same last week:

A similar peak coinciding with the blog post yesterday, but at 360 hits, it s a lot less than the quoted 900 Blogger hit stats... so just what is blogger recording? Is it all those Spambot hits too, whereas Statcounter is managing to filter these out somehow?

I don't know, but thought it interesting to mention here!

For those interested Statcounter is easy to add to your blog, with clear instructions to follow on their website and it's FREE! Check it out!



  1. I too am a bit suspect on the blogger counter and use "site meter" instead. It tells me I get around 600-700 hits per week, peaking if I do anything of particular interest. You might want to try that as a third opinion to compare:

  2. I like not only does it give you a count but also exactly where that count comes from as well, here are my hits from New Zealand since 2010.

    Wellington 230
    Auckland 187
    Canterbury 153
    Bay of Plenty 20
    Manawatu-Wanganui 16
    Gisborne 8
    Otago 7
    West Coast 4
    Hawke's Bay 4
    Nelson 3
    Waikato 2

    1. Interesting Ray, I'll be in among the Wellington stats no doubt!

  3. I like statcounter and have been using it for years. I trust the number more than any other tool I have tried. Google's numbers seem complete BS to me.

  4. I have "site meter" too and have noticed the same thing. Blogger is way out!

  5. Blogger lives in it's own world, my real stats may be disappointing though LOL


  6. I've never looked at mine, but I do wonder if any of these tools count people reading blogs remotely (via Googlereader/Feedly etc)

  7. I often think its image searches that chalk up the numbers. Especially if your looking for paint schemes. I still am not sure at all though

  8. According to my Wordpress counter, my 'Dressing The Lines' blog gets just under 200 visits a day when I haven't posted anything, but that spikes upward whenever I do post.

    Most of the referrals are from search engines. But there is a solid core who are referred by my friends' blogs, and from well-known message boards.

    I've never tested the Wordpress counter against other counters. It does give me quite a few stats, though.

  9. I think Google pads the stats so they can up the ad rates. They probably require advertisers to only use their numbers.


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