Wednesday, August 17, 2011

African captive slaves - from Eureka

I first came across these figures by Eureka Miniatures in 'The Revenge of Carlos Plynkes' blog.

When I saw them I immediately thought they would make perfect 'background' figures for my pirate skirmish gaming.

Obviously merchant ships of the period would be actively trading and thus transport slaves from the African continent to the new colonials in the Americas and Caribbean.

So they will look great, newly brought ashore at the port.

Or perhaps they could also be the target of a capture the merchant ship or slaver ship scenario.

I have mixed them up here, but Eureka sell them as a males and females separately. You don't need to buy the set, you can buy the figures individually as you wish. Just drop Nic an email at Eureka specifying which ones you want.

Although falling foul of this style of ordering to start with, Nic sorted out my initial order mix up, and has helped me source more figures to fit out my C18th coach conversion work I have planned for a future project.


  1. Nic is very helpful like that. Very nice fig's Scott.

  2. Yeah thanks Rodger. Nic was indeed helpful. They haven't photographed up the best... I kept the skin very dark; 'nubian' like. Painted scorched brown, washed very dark brown , and then scorched brown again. But the contrast is small and hasn't shown up in the pics. Plus the dark colour seems to catch the lighting glare despite the matt varnish. Ah well, they are done now, and as intended will be 'background' figs.
    I did do the eyes, though you may not be able to tell... :-)

  3. The skin looks great Scott.Sometimes the camera doesn't do the figures justice.

  4. Aaahh..painting eyes,devilishly tricky and best left to braver men than me. How do you get the dot in the middle (Iris) right without making them look like they've been hypnotised or caught in the headlights. Everytime I try it I curse myself for stuffing up a perfectly good face then having to faff about painting out the cock-up.
    By the way, the sheen on the skin looks just right for Nubians...reminds me of the time I was captured by a tribe of Nubian godesses and cruelly used as their plaything till I managed to escape only after many many many unsucessful attempts.

  5. Thanks Guys, you are both too kind :-)

    @ Ogilvie - Painting eyes, I found a decent trick works quite well though still takes a steady hand and a fine brush, and good lighting helps too. I reckon painting the eyes right on a 'heroic scale' 28mm fig, takes about an extra 5 mins at most per fig. I'll sort a link to something I put on One-Ring forum.
    As for Nubian goddesses, yes I can concur, I have my own equivalent, and as they say, 'once you go black, you never go back' !!! ;-)


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