Thursday, July 07, 2016

GAMES WORKSHOP in stock! The Hobby Corner Continues to Expand!

Just a quick post to share how well our Hobby Corner has been going! We've had a superb first month with a great level of support by the local gamers and modellers and even from those further afield!

Big thanks to Bob and the guys up Palmy way, and to Simon and the rest of the crew from the Hutt Club - who are choosing to support a store that's not in their immediate locale - much appreciated guys!!!

On the back of this initial success, we have decided to expand the section and range of products, and have just last week become a GW stockist, through their stockist program. We've now got a 1m wide module in store with AoS and 40K stocked, and anything else that's wanted that we don't have , we can order in each week for delivery the following week! Just let us know by Thursday for delivery next week...

We've also expanded the Warlord Games selection, by stocking Black Powder, Hail Caesar, and Pike and Shotte to cater for the Historical Gamers, with starter sets and boxed figure sets available...

More from Warlord Games to come in the coming months ... August sees the release of Konflict '47... a 'what-if' expansion on the classic Bolt Action game that will see large robot like walkers and Nazi zombies entering the fray! Cant wait for that one!

Also with the current zombie craze, we'll be stocking their Project Z game, once its available again - it sold out and is just awaiting the next print run to complete for shipment.

Bolt Action sees a revamp in the rules in September and we'll be getting those new rules in with the new starter sets too.

And having see how good a game Bolt Action is with its order dice mechanism, I have decided to also get in Warlords' Beyond the Gates of Antares - Sci-Fi battle game... which uses the same order and pinning mechanisms - looking forward to giving that one a whirl!

As you can see from the pictures above we're also stocking Star Wars X-Wing and Star Wars Armada - both very popular games - playable straight out of the box with no painting required... and definitely in gaming vogue at the mo' with the new movies coming out for Star Wars!

We'll also be stocking a range of board and card gamer like Munckkin , Fluxx, Carcasonne, Settlers, Talisman etc etc ...

So if you're in the area and in need of a gaming or modelling fix, come on down and check us out!

The Hobby Corner
Paraparaumu Beach Pharmacy
17 Seaview Road
Paraparaumu Beach
Kapiti, NZ.
04 2988882


  1. Wow, this is really coming along! My non-gaming brother-in-law popped in today, and was impressed.

  2. Like I said on facebook....wheres the table???

  3. Like I said on facebook....wheres the table???

  4. It certainly is a thing of beauty, and ably supported by Mrs Bowman as well.

  5. Great to see the gaming empire still expanding, well done Scott.

  6. Now this really is the right kind of prescription for a dedicated gamer

  7. So a guy walks into a chemist and says "I want something for a sore throat".
    Heres Sir take these strepsils, a box of Warlord figures, some glue, some paints and brushes. I get the strepsils but whats the other stuff for? "They'll take your mind off the sore throat says the chemist". Excellent marketing Scott.

    1. Superb... may need to employ your link selling technique!

  8. Looking really good there Scott! Will have to pop in next time I am up that way.

  9. So this is what happens when one doesn't check in with fellow bloggers for a few weeks: They start up successful businesses AND expand with GW-goodies?! :D

  10. Terrific stuff Scott! Best of luck with this new venture.


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