Monday, March 28, 2016

Bolt Action fun continues

Since Christmas I have jumped with both feet in Bolt Action and am thoroughly enjoying it. 
I have painted a heap of stuff to tabletop ready standard and have been enjoying gaming with it, but most is still someway from what I would call finished so haven't blogged the units yet... 

The game is great fun and less competitive than Flames of War I find which is a good thing to my mind. I think with the random activation sequence of the game , and most games seeming to lean towards a draw unless you really push it and perhaps also get lucky, a lot of the tension and frustration of FoW doesn't occur, resulting in a more easy going fun game.

Time will tell but that's my impression so far...

Chris has also enjoyed the game with me too and since my initial outlay on the D-Day Firefight set out force of Yanks and Krauts has grown steadily. 

 Some pics of recent games... 

Playing down at KWC, Chris's Yanks hold the centre until relieved. 

We didn't play long in the end . Chris was tired from an early school start and his dice were not playing ball whilst mine were on fire...

A bold move by Chris's greyhound doesn't pay off as it is lit up by a panzerfaust shot. 

Then the puma arrived to pour more fire on the yanks. We called it shortly after. 

Later over Easter weekend we had another go at home played to conclusion and the Krauts won right at the last moment. Exciting game.

The game at mid point above. 

Chris won the next game Secret Mission grabbing the objective and legging it in his half track after miraculously surviving a ton of fire! 

Chris always has his war movie themes playing on his iPhone as we play , and I am getting the hang of this new fangled technology stuff too with my own... And learning to blog with it too... Helping me find a little time to blog again, especially with a long Easter weekend to enjoy 😀


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