Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mordor Uruk-Hai

I love fielding loads of orcs in my Mordor forces, that horde rabble look is certainly appealing and can at times also overwhelm an opponent... but your humble orc is not the best fighter Mordor can offer... enter stage right Mordor Uruk-Hai !

The Uruk-Hai were a much bigger and stronger orc that Sauron first created, I believe, but that Saruman also later bred in his fortress of Isengard...

In the movie, we see the Mordor Uruks at the Tower of Cirith Ungol, when Shagrat and Gorbag get into a fight over Frodo's mithril shirt... their squabble, rolls out across the fortress as the orcs of Gorbag fight the Uruk-Hai of Shagrat, effectively destroying each other and leaving the tower unguarded, for Sam to enter and rescue Frodo...

In the game the Mordor-Uruks have a better Fight skill than their orc cousins and are also stronger. But they are still lightly armoured so relatively easy to kill still.

There were only three models made, that I have come across, two Uruks with sword and one with a two-handed mace.

To beef up their defence a bit I have added shields to the sword armed Uruks. A couple of these were spares from my box of Morannon orcs. Two more I made from Instant Mold Milliput casts of the same batch of  Morannon shields...

So the idea was to have a warband with six of these strong orcs, backed up by six spear wielding regular orcs, most likely led by Shagrat - War chief of Cirith Ungol. A supporting warband with a banner led by an orc shaman would also be a useful accompaniment.

These troops were due to get their first blooding tonight at KWC against Andrews forces of Dol Amroth, but Andrew is recovering from a bout of 'Sauron's Revenge' aka 'Montezuma's revenge'... so we'll delay their debut until next week.


  1. AWESOME! What's not to like about these brutal blunt and to the point bad guys.

  2. Very nice, who can resist a wave of evil buggers


  3. That is brilliant painting! I have one set myself with the club dude painted up as the Champion of my force. Now need to dig out the others and paint them too.

  4. Those guys look good Scott. The shields made a nice addition.

  5. Those are great. Love the colours and adding the shields makes them more Orc.....Uruk!

  6. Just the best painted Uruk Hai I have ever seen!

  7. Excellent addition to your collection, Scott !

  8. Nice! You did a real good job on the wood. Nice sublime grain, but still striking!

  9. Lovely figures and painting :-) you've got to love the painting on the uruks, and the shields

  10. Great work on some tough looking orcs Scott!



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