Friday, April 11, 2014

Watcher in the Water - WIP

Well despite trying cut cut my thumb off earlier in the week, I have persisted with the big beastie over the last few days, and have managed to get it trimmed, assembled and fix up where necessary with Greenstuff - the usual joint/gap filling, and bubble hole filling, and a little missing detail repair (not that I am the best sculptor, far from it!)...

A picture for each angle, with a regular orc alongside for scale...

I have also completed the individual tentacles that were first released, but wanted to paint both things together so I can get a decent colour match through the painting process...

Progress hopefully over the next week or so...


  1. Looking forward to seeing this progress. It's not my favourite model, but it's still an impressive piece. Good luck.

  2. Looking good, can't wait to see the thing in action.

  3. That's one big ugly looking beasty.
    Going to look great when you are done.

  4. The watcher, or as my group calls it "the cricket", has to be one of my all time favorite models to play. Popping out of the ground anywhere, grabbing dwarves and dragging them to their death. Good times.


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