Tuesday, October 08, 2013

40K - Ork Trukk - WIP

In an attempt to increase the Ork forces for my sons army, I started a bit of conversion work.

He has long wanted a trukk for his orks, and rather than spend a small fortune on a GW one, the Scrooge in me decided to have a go at converting an old toy.

Chris had a large old toy '18 wheeler' that had seen better days... so I disconnected the tractor unit, and set to...

I didn't take a fully before shot, but having got to where I did over a few days, I thought it might be interesting to put back the bits and show how it started...

Here is more or less how it began...

The top canopy of the cab was cut away as was the rear cab area. The chassis was shortened by removing the mid section (black bit below).

Removed bits
The Chassis was glued back together, with several plastic panels glued across the join, to conceal it and strengthen it. A rear deck area was added. The side fuel tanks were re-positioned and the front wheel arch boxed in.

The most tricky bit was refitting the internal space of the cab, several pieces of plastic card cut and glued into position. I thought about adding a steering wheel and the various levers, and perhaps converting an ork into a proper driver, in a seat... but Chris liked the idea of just being able to stand an ork model in the cab area, and then be able to charge him out...so that may have to suffice.

Cab internal space fitted out...

So all this work got us to this point...

Ork Trukk WIP

At this point its a fairly regular truck again, but now its given me a foundation to work on, to fully 'ork-ify' it up...

Various riveted panels will be added all around, as will a spiked ram at the front. Then there's the spiked wrecking ball a on chain suspended from a pivoting gantry to add, and an assault ramp...

And of course some kind of Big Shoota!

It's been a rather fun exercise so far, and having some holiday time off with the kids mid term break has helped too.

One word of caution to the wise though, I did get a couple of minor chemical burns on my hand... while supergluing bits together, I was also using a spray zip-kicker too, and sprayed just as some of the glue dripped from the model onto my hand... OUCH! that stuff gets darn hot as it sets! Lesson learned indeed!

So more work to come...

In other news, I have finished brick etching the last wall of Victorian terrace #2 and managed to get done the rear facing yard wall. Just the internal yard walls to go...

Busy busy... must press on...


  1. I would never have got that far


  2. Scott: Amazing "chop shop" work so far. Best, Dean

  3. I can't wait to see this finished.

  4. Back in Gorkamorka Days we had some guys take those toys and make large towed carts to haul their orks around....

  5. Oh well done Scrooge! Lovely this already, can't wait to see what happens next.

  6. You're a mad 'Flash Git' but I love seeing your stuff roll off your table. Looking forward to this one as well!

  7. Good work Scott - though he better not take it to any GW tournaments!

  8. Your sons are blessed to have you as their father :). Not scrooge but Smart. Esp with the prices of GW nowadays. Looking forward to seeing this project done.

  9. Nice start. A great project for Orctober.

  10. Very interesting WIP pictures. I'm curious what you'll do with this truck further on.



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