Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kerr and King, Pair of Shops, with bombed roof.

I finished another of my Kerr and King Western Europe buildings recently; the twin shop set, with a broken roof...

Twin shop front

...and with 15mm half track for scale.
These have their customary lift off roofs and lift out top floor, so models can be placed inside on both levels.

Must admit, this had a lot of flash to deal with ( I wonder if their mold was getting old?). Took a lot of work with the Dremel to get it in a paintable state, and the usual greenstuff use to fix missing window frames and bubble holes in roof tiles... but its work well spent and finished building paints up well.

I only have one more building from the set that I originally bought from Kerr and King, to go, the Manor house... I'm about half way done... after that I may do some more DIY Russian buildings...


  1. Great work Scott. Seeing them in the flesh convinced me that they were much more detailed than the Battlefront ones. I am thinking about ordering in one of the city in a box sets. Sounds like I will need to get my dremmel out though.

    1. Thanks Dan. Yep that's what I did, the city box sets. Well worth it I think... they just take a bit work to prep and paint...

  2. Great looking buildings - lots of varied detail work on them. The good ol' Dremel does come in handy sometimes. Best, Dean

  3. This looks really good, I think the work you had to put in paid you back in heaps


  4. Nice job it does look really good well worth the effort put in.

  5. Looks great. I have a barb wire section or two from them and I decided the casualties had so many holes in them that I shaved them off and will flock over them. Seemed like less work than filling them.


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