Saturday, June 08, 2013

Victorian Terrace - WIP9 - Let there be light! .....

With the main house building work completed, it was time to turn attention to the lighting. Having seen first hand the great effect Joe has had with his VSF mega walker project, I knew the same lighting effect would be perfect for my thanks to Joe, I sourced the twinkle effect LEDs and resistors from Evil Mad Scientist in the US (great name for a hobby supplies company), and got hold of some basic components for the rest of the wiring from a local supplier...

So, ... the scene is set...

The first few bulbs connected, in a simple parallel circuit...

A couple of hours on a Saturday arvo, and the 20 LEDs are wired and working...

... who is that Evil Mad Scientist,  with a twinkle in his eye...???  ;-)

I now just have to figure out how best to get the lighting rig in the house!


  1. The human Christmas tree strikes again!
    I'm looking forward to the end result Scott.

  2. Hi Scott,

    looks very interesting. I'm curious how you'll build the lights into the house and how it will look then.
    Great, I'm sure... But how. ;-)



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