Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Gaslamp Alley" Sarissa Precision MDF buildings

Just spotted this on the The Illustrated London News Blog.

New Victorian themed buildings from Sarissa Precision, as I hinted at in an earlier blog post.

They look superb and just what us Empire of the Dead players have been hanging out for!

These will be added to the shopping list once available, no doubt!

Well done Sarissa, I look forward to more!

Now I really can't wait for my EotD Requiem Kickstarter figures to arrive!


  1. Those do look stellar. I'm really glad that the Requim Kickstarter was a success. The waiting will be difficult!

  2. I agree those are great looking buildings. To bad they won't fit into my old west town of Calamity!

  3. Sarissa precision are awesome, always quality procut and qucik delivery. Will look at some of these for the club.

  4. The top pic looks more like New Orleans to me than London, apart from the chimneys. The bottom one is bit more like it, though.

  5. Hhmm? They really do look the biz!

  6. That is exciting. Was about to get their current stuff, which I still will, but now will save some pennies for these.

  7. ooh... now they are a temptation. good spot Scott!

  8. Yes the top ones look French but the bottom ones are excellent! Well spotted!


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