Monday, March 25, 2013

Empire of the Dead Requiem Kickstarter - Just over one day to go!

Attention Attention!!!

Just over one day to go till the end of the Empire of the Dead Requiem Kickstarter pledge period ends.

The last day or so has seen a roar of activity, shooting the pledge level up to just over £78,000!!

If we can crack £80,000 , we can free up Great Uncle Thulu ! I simply love this concept figure... a wonderful tongue in cheek nod to the Lovecraftian world of Cthulhu.

This kickstarter has been a run away success... what started off as a hope to get £5,000, has managed to draw in almost 16 times that initial required amount!

Clearly this period and setting appeals to a great many gamers out there!

I have to say I am quite thrilled. And as the kickstarter grew I couldn't help but get drawn in a little further, and the addition of the pledge booster was a great idea, allowing you to more or less customize your desired financial input.

Not only are we seeing 'fighting faction figures' but a whole host of background figures and vehicles to really set the scene.

The stretch goals have rocked along at a wonderful rate securing all Requiem level pledges an amazing array of unique miniatures available only to those who dare to dip their toe in the kickstarter.

If you are still sitting on the fence for this one you have one last day to make the decision to jump on in. So come on in, the water's lovely! ;-)

If you want to grab all these unique stretch goal models you'll need to stump up £74, but this will get you:
"Requiem 18 - (+all stretch goals) 18 human sized models from Requiem. + Choose any single boxed set from Lycaon, Vampire, Brotherhood, Gentlemen's club or Zombies. + Nadezhda Durova, a Kickstarter only Limited Edition miniature. + a Pdf of the Empire of the Dead rulebook."

This is a damn good buy in to the game, giving you a PDF copy of the rules, a starter faction set of 8 figures, and a choice of 18 figures to add to this from the kickstarter, plus Ms Durova and all the stretch goal figures, currently at another 10 figures, so that's 37 beautiful metal sculpts from Andy Cooper at WestWind at £2 a figure. I think that's great value.

Of course you could pledge more and grab more great figures!

So its your choice, pledge away and join in the fun!


Check out the Kickstarter here.


  1. Sorely tempted, some of those miniatures are very nice.

  2. I hope they get even more. More goodies for all of you backers!

  3. Good luck with this! I have yet to do a kick-starter, but I admit some of these have been really tempting.

  4. Huzzah! Free Shipping UK, Europe, Usa and Canada the rest is plus 10% to your pledge!

    1. That's my only niggle - I have to pay 10% for shipping :-(

  5. Hmm, I checked out the link you provided; I must admit it is very captivating and interesting - this coming from a historicals guy. I really like the look and feel. A lot of my gaming buddies are into VSF, Scifi, RPG and such - so I'll see if they are into this genre also. Best, Dean

  6. I'm very tempted by this one too £74 does seem like a lot but, as you said, for 37 nicely sculpted 28mm figures and a PDF rulebook it's not half bad.

  7. You nearly had me there, but I think I've managed to resist! That said there are an awful lot of miniatures that I will need to have.

  8. Some of these figures are very much to my taste but a lot are just a little bit too fantastical for me. Their coaches and carriages are splendid though!

    Love to see what you are doing to them though!


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