Monday, February 18, 2013

Warlord Games - great customer service!

A few weeks ago I caught wind of a sale on at Warlord Games for some items in their Hail Caesar range, and I managed to grab a copy of their Dark Ages/Medieval Army list at 33% off normal RRP.

Sadly when the item arrived the box it arrived in was all bashed in on one corner and badly water damaged in the same area, which had gone through to the box contents, wrecking my book!

Boo hoo sniffle whimper! When I had a closer look at the box, there was a sticker on the outside, apparently added by the mail centre that received the item at Auckland here in NZ, stating basically this is how it arrived in the country...

I got on to Warlord Games and told them what had happened, with the above pics, and they very kindly sent me out another copy free of charge, received safe and sound today!

So 'Bouquet of the Month' goes to Warlord Games, special thanks to Alison Lister.

Kind regards



  1. Good chaps at Warlord. It's nice when you get great service like that, the world feels a slightly better place.

  2. That's good to here, well done Warlord Games!!

  3. I have quite the opposite feeling toward MS. Alison Lister. I sent in a question on my order 10 days ago, and I'm currently in the "being ignored" status by the "Agent Working on This Ticket."

    1. Oh dear! Sorry to hear this Jason. Hope they get on to it ASAP!

  4. That is good news. I just sent them an email because of an issue with a decal sheet in a box being half printed on the glossy carrier film.
    We shall see what happens.

  5. You better pay me oodles of money, else I'll tell Tracey you've been giving bouquets to strange women.

  6. That's great Scott. Well done Warlord Games.

  7. That was really superb! I’m glad that they were very professional about the situation, and did what they could without raising arguments or trying to brush off what happened. Good customer service doesn’t always have to mean that the customer is right, as long as in the end, the customer is satisfied.

    - Jeremiah Hicks


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