Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tiger Tiger burning bright!

My second submission to Curt's 3rd Annual Analogue Hobbies painting challenge... A boxed set of 15mm scale Plastic Soldier Company Tiger I E tanks, for Flames of War.

Click on pics for a larger view as always...

The Tiger is probably the most iconic image of WWII, to my mind, and thus a crucial, from a collection point of view, element of my Wehrmacht forces.

[A lot has been written about the Tiger, and here is an interesting starting point for those who may wish to find out more. Thanks to wikipedia.]

And yet in the game, it represents a hefty points investment, in terms of your army list, and quite often, in some respects, a Panther tank could be a better proposition.

But there is no doubting, putting a few Tigers on the table will certainly draw your opponents attention as he decides how he's going to deal with them.

Though I must admit my first outting with them was far from a success as I tried using them to represent Tigers from Kampfgruppe Hummel, from 'Bridge by Bridge' - the new Market Garden supplement from BF for FOW.

Sadly in this guise, they are only 'Confident Trained' and get no 'bells and whistles' -  and predictably they ran into a new up-gunned 17pdr ambush that blew them apart in short order... oh well, you live and learn...Yes I know, where was my recce? Well the list I was using had a support choice that was [armour/recce], I picked the armour as I wanted the StuH 42 breakthrough gun to blow the paras out of their foxholes, but that meant I couldn't take any recce! Dumb list! Who came up with that idea???

The PSC kits are great, and easy to put together, and come with several options to make a themed tank from 'Eary, Mid and Late' production runs. I went with the Mid variety as I game 'MidWar' onwards so would ideally like to field them in a big 'Kursk' style engagement.

I also wasn't a huge fan of the appearance of the Late period road wheels, they just didn't fit the image I have of the Tiger in my minds eye...

The only glitch with the set is there is only 4 tanks in the box, compared to five in the other PSC kits, and that means to run a 'Schwere' Late War Tank Co. I am going to need to find another tank as I'd need a minimum 5 tanks ; 1 HQ Tiger and 2 platoons of 2 tanks...

So not sure how often I am going to get to play them... I envisage them as a divisional support option of 2 tanks cropping up occasionally to support my Panzergrenadiers every now and again, (until I can source the 5th tank...), which means its typically going to be a choice between 3 x Panthers for 560pts or 2 x Tigers for 430pts plus 130pts of 'something else'... decisions, decisions...

I painted them up in my usual three colour camo scheme (how to here), suitable for mid '43 onwards... decals from DOM.

So here's 4 'Big Citties' looking at you down their 88mm tank barrels, not the best place to be on the receiving end of!


  1. They look great Scott!

    I wasn't sure about the PSC Tiger when I first saw it, but now I have seen these and some else's in the flesh I think they look great!


  2. Even though I'm not into Flames of War, I have to admit that's some good looking armor! Well done.

  3. Great work Scott! They look the biz!

  4. They really do look very nice Scott!


  5. Those look really great Scott! Nice to have you painting again. :-)

  6. Awesome!
    Still struggling to get in to FoW, but I'm loving the PSC models for crispness. A well laid out FoW table has a great cinematic appeal to it which keeps me interested (even if the rules don't :-P )

    Have you looked into getting the reinforcement sprue for your Tigers that PSC do, only £5.25 (not sure about NZ$ exchange, close to 2 to 1?)I'm sure that Will would ship it cost effectively!

    1. Thanks Ste, yeah I know what you mean, I usually cram my tables with terrain, because they look better that way, ebven if tactically it doesnt always suit the forces I choose!

      Thanks I am aware of the PSC reinforcements, its just trying to find one of the online suppliers that stock them and can send me one out as part of their free shipping policy! It means lot to get free shipping UK to NZ!

    2. Oh I know what you mean about shipping which is why I'm stocking up on supplies before I move my family out there later this year. The wife is getting mighty bored of tripping over boxes of toy soldiers!

    3. You are moving to New Zealand?
      If so, where abouts?

    4. Still a bit up in the air at the mo, depends on my wife's job but we're aiming for Wellington.we toured the country for a couple of months a few years back and fell in love with it, and the UK is going to pot so its time for a change

    5. We did the same, and for similar reasons, left UK in Jan 05...
      we settled in Kapiti Coast region, about 40kms (you'll have to get used to thinking in kms not miles!)north of Wellington.

      Best of luck!

    6. Hey, don't know how much use I can be but any questions about NZ, or perhaps the move over process, shout up.

    7. Once were there I'll shout up as I'll be trying to figure out the wargaming community. Thanks

  7. Excellent work Scott. Great painting !

  8. Those tanks look great, good luck in the painting challenge.

  9. Excellent looking Tigers, Scott. Superb camo work and weathering. Certainly a "must have" for your forces. Best, Dean

  10. Agreed, those are really nicely painted. All the best for the challenge!

  11. While I do not game WW2 myself I'm an avid WW2 history fanatic and looking at these almost prompted me to try some myself.


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