Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bocage - FoW - WIP - Part 1

 With a view to my Normandy campaign gaming I knew at some time I was going to need to make some Bocage hedgerows; giant hedges so big they could hide a tank completely from view!

I recently visited a local 'craft emporium' at a friends suggestion, for a browse, to see what they had in stock, with no real plans to buy anything specific.

I did spot one thing which immediately made me make a grab for them! I think you would call them Wax Applicators. I am guessing they are the sort of thing that those expensives places where our wives go to visit to get their hairy bits de-fuzzed, use to apply hot wax to their clients nether regions!?

Anyway to me they look like giant 'lolly sticks', and since I used regular lolly sticks to  make regular hedges, it seemed logical to use giant lolly stick to make giant hedges ;-)

I think the sticks are roughly 8" long and about 1" wide, and quite slim about 2mm thick.

I dug out some offcuts of dense polystyrene foam and glued roughly 1cm thick strips down the centre of each stick tapering both ends. Some I left a gap to add a gate later.

After this had glued and set, I glued some cheap cat litter down both sides to give a rough sloping rocky feel.

Since this pic I have glued on a layer of modelling railway ballast gravel across the top.

I'll keep you informed of more progress.


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