Monday, March 05, 2012

German HMG (MG42) platoon - FoW

Another entry finished for the the Painting Challenge; my German HMG platoon.

This comprises four MG42 teams and an SMG platoon command team

Painting Challenge

They will be useful for my Grenadier Company, and FestungsKompanie, and also Panzergrenadiers.

The recent V3 rule updates have made such platoon more useful now - when gone to ground they get a 3+ infantry save, rather than their more normal 5+ gun team save. And they can keep spitting out a healthy amount of lead when they are pinned...

I look forward to mowing Tommy and Yanks on the Normandy beaches!

Or hordes of Ivan, on the eastern front.

After my usual paintjob, I embellished the base with Silflor buffalo clumps, and static grass.

Now I must press on with final varnish of the PaK40 platoon...


  1. My word, there is no stopping you now! How are the lads 8th Army shaping up? Looking forward to seeing his first completed unit on the site.

    1. Yes I'm making steady progress now ( the halftrack horde was a lot of time consuming work!)... Chris got on quite well - flesh done, packs and socks done, helmets done, and is starting on black for the boots.
      His enthusiasm was checked a little when my critical eye suggested he may need to 'tidy things up a bit'. When he realised it wasnt a race, to get them done, and that bits of flesh colour on top of the helmets would need a bit of tidying up... well he's gone back to his computer for the last day or so... but at this age their attention flits all over the place... he's still focussed on WWII - playing Company of heroes on PC, and we are half way through a game of Germans vs Commandos again in the gamesroom with FoW...

  2. These are really really good. Great painting and basing Scott.


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