Sunday, March 11, 2012

German PaK40 7.5cm Anti-tank gun platoon - FoW

My latest submission to AHWPC, my German PaK40 7.5cm Anti-tank gun platoon, for Flames of War.

These 4 guns will hopefully spit death and destruction to the advancing allied armour. I will be able to field them alongside my regular Grenadier forces, Festungskompanie beach defenders and also my mobile Armoured Panzergrenadiers.

They may be fielded as a platoon of 3 or 4 guns depending on the options taken. If taken as a platoon of 3 guns then the 4th spare gun team can be added to the 15cm Nebelwerfer platoon that I have just completed.

I painted the poles on the sides of the gun trails in a striped fashion, after perusing many images on the internet. However it appears that these striped poles may only have been used by artillery gun teams to aid their range surveying, and thus not by anti-tank gun teams.

The poles may just have been used to clean the barrel of the anti-tank gun... but then why would they need three poles? There are clearly three poles, two on one side and one on the other. Wouldn't one pole be enough? Oh well, I'll see what sort of comments this post generates, and if it seems indeed that these should not be striped, I'll paint them over.

Pressing on now with 8cm Mortar platoon.


  1. Excellent work Scott they are an impressive sight, unless of course you happened to commanding some Allied armour! I know absolutely nothing as to the historical accuracy of the striped poles, but think they add a wonderful focal point for the model, helping them to 'pop' off the table.

  2. Very nice painting Scott. I have no idea about the poles, sorry.

  3. Those look really great. I love how you did the bases. If i,m not mistaken, the poled were used as rangefinders. I think they were placed downrange and used to sight the gun in or something.

  4. Superbly painted and based. Best, Dean

  5. I can confirm that the smaller poles are range finders and the larger pole on the (i think) left hand side is a cleaning rod. They add a nice touch of colour to the model. I often tend to paint them the base gun colour as once they went into full time combat use i don't think they got to use the range finders very often. Nice work on the painting Scott they look great. :)

    1. Thanks mate, much appreciated, I can rest easy they don't need repainting :-)


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