Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And so it begins...

Anologue Hobbies Painting Challenge is officially on!

Well here's what I managed to get assembled to start the ball rolling:

15 Half Tracks, 3 Typhoons and a partridge in a pear tree!

Ok maybe not the partridge ;-)

One small fly in the ointment - when I unpacked the typhoons I found 3 of the under wing rocket racks were missing, so a frantic email to battlefront customer services, has 3 replacement parts zapping their way to me as we speak, through the frantic xmas courier rush! As it is I can still probably make a start on them as the rocket racks will have to go on last after I have done the invasion bands on the wings.

The half tracks are good to go, these will mount up my three platoons of grenadiers and have some for the prospective HMG platoon to have 'battle taxis' awaiting them.

I havent glued on the tops of the half tracks and will be doing them seperartely like this as I need to add the drivers inside and paint the internal seats too.

Right, off to get spray painting...

Good luck to all!


  1. A cracking start Scott, but the competition is looking fierce!

  2. Thanks Guys, and Micheal - I know, I'm under no illusions! Really I'm just along for the ride, but it will be fun to see just what I manage to get done, by the deadline!

  3. That's a nice 'opening gambit', Scott! I've always had a soft spot for the Typhoons. I think its that huge engine scoop and the racks of rockets under the wings. They always looked The Business. I also liked the D-Day paint scheme with the distinctive white bands. I look forward to seeing them completed over the coming weeks!


  4. Hey Curt, yeah I kow what you mean about the Typhoons - they a real 'grunty' look to them, and they mean business!I have so far got them undercoated and base coated in a dark grey, with the bottom of the flying bases sand flocked.

    At this point in time the halftracks have been base coat spray painted, internal seats painted and had their camo patterns done and I am half way through base coating the tracks... once the vehicle are done, theres the stowage to paint and add, and decals to do and then the 6 crews for each to paint and add...

  5. Sounds like those vehicles will be quite impressive. I know I'll have to judge each vehicle as a unique entry upon itself as I know they can get quite involving.


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