Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge

Well I have to say, I stumbled across Curt's challenge a little late, and thought I was too late to take part, but it seems I have been lucky enough to be allowed in at the last minute! :-)
More details of the event can be seen here at Curt's blog:

I must confess I am not too worried about winning, but its nice to get involved in something on such an international level, and it will be an incentive to keep painting through the summer months, here in New Zealand (Southern Hemisphere and all that...).

Well, in terms of output, I've got some things going for me and some against. As it happens I have thoroughly got my WWII head on and Flames of War stuff is right at the fore of my painting projects.

So I have a pile of vehicles to do, which can of course be sprayed up fairly easily. But they are mostly Plastic Soldier Company stuff so do require a fair bit of assembly first...

Plus in the midst of the painting challenge I have my father, from the UK, visiting and staying with us for about 2-3 weeks, so I can't really be sitting painting while he's here, more likely I'll be sat up to the wee hours chatting and enjoying the odd dram or two of Glenmorangie and The Macallan whiskeys he'll be bringing with him ;-)

But no matter, I'm still in and will see what I manage to get achieved, by the deadline in March 2012.

The only thing is that things may get a bit quiet here on the blog, as the results can't be posted up anywhere till Curt has received them in March. So you may just have to put up with my inane whitterings and the odd battle-report and such in the meantime...

I'll try and keep things interesting here none-the-less, and good luck to all involved !


  1. I think you could still paint while supping a wee dram with your Dad, what you could do is after cleaning your brush in water then dip the brush into your Glenmorangie, to make a nice point. You'll get lots painted that way, trouble is they may look like your dog painted them in the end??? Probably a bad idea!!!
    Good luck!!!!!

  2. Hey, I recognise that logo from the movie 'Barry Lyndon'!

  3. Well spotted Roly, I had recognised it earlier too.

    And to Angry and Ray, thanks guys, and good luck in your endeavors too!

    Hmm, dipping the brush in the Glenmorangie, just to make sure the point is fine, and a quick lick with the tongue to wipe off the excess... ;-)

  4. Hi Scott,

    You can post your figures before March, but you just have send it to Curt first and then wait 24hours before posting on your blog. Basically, he has first dibs on the pics.;-)
    Good luck and nice to have you on board!


  5. Thanks for the clarification, and encouragement Chris.


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