Friday, September 16, 2011

Motley Crew

A fine and Motley Crew of Piracy if ever there was one on the High Seas!

The last of my recently ebay won pirates now painted up, and a fine bunch they make.

They are Foundry figures from their older Cutthroats and Freebooters and Swarthy Swabs packs from their Pirate range. However, when I checked the Foundry website to get some colour ideas, I couldn't find any of the figures there. So maybe Foundry has trimmed back their Pirate range?

The figure far left has a grenade! I have been looking for one of these figures for a while now, after experiencing the grenade effects in the game. However, roll a 1, and they are just as deadly to the Grenadier!

I also like the Captain types shown to the right, I painted them in muted or less gaudy colours, thinking they may do as Captains of Merchant ships? Not sure about the chap with the hook hand, though he could be ex-navy perhaps?

An interesting selection of figures here. Another hopefully distracting figure in the centre of the row? She's certainly caught the Chinese mans eye! And the chap on far right looks like he's grabbed a swivel gun off the side of the ship. That will make a nice blunderbuss type weapon I fancy!

Finally a little extra terrain, I grabbed a set of plastic walls from a bring and buy stall at the recent Wellington Call to Arms. $3NZ unpainted. They have come out quite well I think. I believe they may be from a Warhammer terrain set, though it looked like several 'Warhammery' bits had been removed already...

Now I must get that Brig finished for them to crew!


  1. Fantastic Scott, they look awesome. Almost tempted to do some pirates myself.

  2. A rich diversity: grenade, portable amusette and bazookas :)

    Pirates are known to make more diverse encounters, on the average, than land characters and soldiers.

  3. Scott, These look positively outstanding. Great job with these.

  4. Great job on these. The muted colors work perfectly.

    As for Foundry, I believe they're trimming back their single packs, but most if not all the figs can still be found in their "regiments" and "collections" I believe. They're painted too bright anyway.

  5. Great pirates, great walls, great fun all round!

  6. Thanks Guys. I think I have enough regular pirate figures done now. I need to get that Brig finished, and make a start on the navy crew figs I got and the jungle natives...

  7. Just checked out the latest additions to your motley cru. Been away from the computer quite a bit now the motorcycling weather's arrived. Outstanding work you ever sleep?

  8. @Ogilvie - LOL! Thanks, I must admit I try and cram in all the painting time I can manage (without normal life getting in the way), and no, I don't sleep very well! ;-)
    Motorcycling? Ah ha, a man after my own heart - what do you ride?

  9. "Greetings from the Brotherhood of Bikers".

    I ride an 07 Triumph Sprint sports tourer, otherwise known as 'The Magic Carpet'.
    I see you're a Harley fan, what model do you ride?

  10. Triumph! Excellent - nice bit of British nostalgia :-)
    Yes, I got seducued by the Harley style - had a Yamaha Wildstar back in UK , after giving up on sportsbikes (too many speeding tickets and broken bones...) When we sold up and moved to NZ, I got a Fatboy '05 model ltd edition.
    Love it to bits but dont get enough chance to ride it. I ride the ride on lawntractor more...

  11. Great lurking scurvy dogs! I appreciate the hint of nipple.



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