Thursday, September 08, 2011

Grid-Iron Time!

Ok, a post a little bit different to the norm for me, but its the start of the Grid-Iron, or American Football NFL season for a another year! Yipee!

I have never been a football (soccer) fan despite being a Brit, and even now living in New Zealand, I have not particularly become a rugby fan ( I quite enjoyed playing it as a school child, but it doesn't grab me as a sport to watch...). And despite New Zealand now having gone completely berserk with hosting the Rugby World Cup, I could care less...

Nope, for me it's the NFL!

My dad introduced me to it many years ago as a young child, when in the UK, we were lucky to get a few minutes of game time on "Grandstand" on 'the Beeb' of the Superbowl, one saturday of the year...

That all changed with Nicky Horne and Channels 4's coverage of the NFL that started some time in the 80's, in the UK.

I think what I love about it, and probably appeals to my wargaming tactical brain is the series of set pieces that the game revolves around, and a distinct Defense and Offense to each team where each tactically tries to out do the other, play to play.

That and the 'razz-a-matazz' of the game, and stupendous athletic action of the players; the quarterback throwing the ball to leaping wide receivers, running backs grinding forward and breaking into the open field, bone crunching tackles by the defence and all the other high jinks that goes on.

For me, as a sport, nothing beats it.

My first foreign holiday as a child was in 1980, to Florida and the main city we visited was Miami, so the Miami Dolphins became my adoptive team and have remained so ever since. Fair to say they have had their ups and downs since then, but I have followed them through and through.

And the obviously wargaming link to this post is GW's Bloodbowl game. A lot of fun that appealed over a long time, and a game that GW hasn't really stuffed up. The game works well in its current format and they havent tweaked it too much or buggered it up since! I used to play it quite a lot at one point though haven't played it for many years now.

I used to run a Dark Elf team, styled on the Dolphins at the time, with my Quarterback or 'Thrower' called 'Daneel Marinar'. Guess who he was named after ;-)

Who knows, I may unpack it and have a play about with it once more. That may depend on how well the Dolphins do this season... ;-)

Here's wishing them the best of luck for the up and coming season!

Educational Resource:
Sports Management Colleges has informative resources that are great for anyone with an interest in sports.

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  1. I grew up in the US and attended my first NFL game sometime in the 1950s . . . and was a 48er fan for years.

    But since I've moved to Canada I have found that the Canadian Football game is much more interesting to me.

    The rules are a bit different (12 players instead of 11, wider & longer field, deeper end zones, 3 downs instead of 4, kicks into the end zone that are not brought out are a point . . . and lots of fun!).

    If you know someone who has a satellite dish and might get some of their games, I'd urge you to try watching some.

    In the meantime, enjoy your NFL, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Sorry Scott. 24 hours till the AB's kick off. You are going to be really sick of rugby by the time Labour weekend finishes.

  3. @ Jeff : Thanks, I have seen the Canadian stuff occasionally and it seems equally interesting, but it doesn't seem to get the same TV coverage as the NFL.

    @Rodger : Hey no worries, I am sure I can tolerate it! I'll still no doubt have a soft spot for the English, but hope the AB's of my adoptive country do well too (so I've got two chances of being happy!) - I just wish the AB's spent less time faffing about with practicing the bloody Haka, and more time practicing playing rugby, and they might not then get beaten by the Aussies!

    I couldn't help but laugh in car on way to work this morning, as the radio commentator told of issues about whether the Tongans or AB's would get to do their 'little dance' first. As if it mattered! Jeez, just get on with the game eh guys????

  4. I played American football as a youth(running back and yes I actually was quick at one time:-0) and not surprising I'm a fan of the game. I'm from Minnesota and so naturally I'm a Vikings fan and one day we will win the super bowl!
    Since I've been living in Germany for quite some time I don't follow the game as much as I'd like, but try to watch when I get a chance.


  5. Sorry Scott, never seen the appeal of foozball myself. But then rugby is pretty much my religion... oh, and little lead soldiers.
    Still, always nice to have a sporting obsession away from the tabletop, whatever it is.

  6. Oh well, that went badly; beaten up at home, first game of season, to Patriots. There were some gilmmers of hope and some good plays but as usual we come up short...
    ... still I suppose it means I dont have to spend too much time taking an interest at home on TV, and and keep up the painting schedule!

  7. Scott,

    I knew there was a reason I liked you! LOL

    This Sunday I took my wife and buddy to the Arizona Cardinals game against the Panthers, Cards Won!

    I to have played and will be playing some Blood Bowl thanks to the kickoff of the NFL.

  8. Hey Tim,
    Thanks for that! ;-)
    Glad you guys got off to a good start, and you got to enjoy viewing a game at stadium. Cool!

    I have been fortunate to have caught a couple of live games in the past when NFL teams have visited Wembley stadium in London. Thrilling! Saw the Bear vs Cowboys first, then the 'Fins vs 49ers. Both very enjoyable.

    I still have hopes for the 'Fins to get back to better days, though I still hark back enviously to Marino's time. I don't really think we are as bad a team as recent records show, but thems the breaks!

    Fingers crossed we'll have better fortune through rest of season!

  9. Week 2, another loss, another year starting the season 0-2... why do I put myself through this mental anguish!?
    But chin up, oh Yea of little faith, we'll be good one year, yes one year, in the future mists of time...'s hell being a sports supporter, riding the emotional roller coaster, with wives, children and small animals never knowing whether it'd a good idea to approach you, for fear of being growled at... I've tried to become apathetic, but it's hard... ;-)

  10. Oh well, looks like I put the kiss of death on the Dolphins season by mentioning them on my blog! 0 - 4, its not getting any prettier! Perhaps if we now just try and throw the season, go 0-16, we get might get some decent draft picks, find a decent quaterback, oh and get a new head coach too, that may help... mutter mutter

  11. Finally! A win! And in style too! How on earth do you manage a win with a 0-7 record over a team 4-3, away from home, by a margin 28 points!!??
    Quick pass the Bloodbowl before the euphoria wears off! ;-)

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