Sunday, July 10, 2011

First pack of 'pirate civilians' painted up

Whilst I enjoy making terrain, it's nice to get back to painting miniatures sometimes. Especially when faced with a long slog of sticking on hundreds of roof tiles... So obviously with this renewed period interest I have been scouting around for suitable miniatures.
This first pack of Reaper miniatures arrived first, and has accordingly been painted up first.


A wonderful strumpet. The first of a small group, I am just awaiting a replacement pack from Reaper for the others due to a miscast in the pack. She's a great figure, one that I first saw on Elhion's blog via the Lead Adventure forum, so that was a cool find! I have to say she was a serious change to the more usual battle ready wargames figures we use in gaming. After all, I don't often get to paint bright blues, yellows and pink! Plus I am always a little wary painting female figures as I find the skin shade and highlight needs to be done a little more subtly than male warrior types, otherwise the heavy brown base tone can wreck the look of the female figure. I am rather pleased the way she has turned out.
Also, you wouldn't believe the angst this has caused the Bowman household. My wife immediately took umbridge at the fact I painted her blonde.... Jeez, the green envy monster came out to play that day! How can you get so reactionary over a 1" metal figure? Go figure... ;-)
Anyway if she caused that much of a stir there, lets hope she distracts my male opponents suitably on the games table ;-)

[UPDATE:  this is my entry to the Air Supplies competition, Jan 2014, ( , check out the link for more :-) ]

The next figure is a beggar, down and out, tramp like figure. Bound to be a few of these hanging around the port.


And last a huge blacksmith. This guy is very large indeed. Reaper are slightly on the large side of '28mm' scale figures, so this guy is a giant compared to my poor Foundry pirates. Still, working that anvil and furnace all day is bound to make a big strong boy... not some wimpy looking blacksmith portrayed by dear Orlando. Interesting - he's been a blacksmith twice now, in PotC and Kingdom of Heaven.


Final shot of today's montage, just messing about with my batch of jungle plants and a large hill I made some time ago, together make a nice jungle isle, although it could do with a sandy beach perhaps...

Jungle Isle

That's it for today, must press on with those roof tiles for the Governors mansion.


  1. Great painting - I specially like the strumpet: a little of feminine tenderness in a world of brutes!
    For some reason, in American popular tradition blacksmiths are always depicted as hulking mountains of muscle (re. Conan's father).
    Your island looks like a postcard / advert, though indeed a sandy beach would make it look really heavenly.

    As for painting bright blues, yellows and pink in a military context, the 'Lace Wars' were not misery in flamboyant uniforms: a small Imagi-Nation may have set an embryonic colony in the area. There *are* unlikely historical precedents, such as the colonization of Tobago by, who would believe it, a vassal of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Duchy of Courland (too bad it was not during the reign of Maurice de Saxe)!

  2. Nice and really like the strumpet.


  3. Very nice - an eye-catching distraction for when my pirates finally get onto your table again!

    Of course, in painting her blonde, you could say it was in honour of the wife of your gaming buddy!

  4. Excellent painting Scott. The young lass will look good on many table top scenes.

  5. No doubt some thrilling tales from the Carribean to follow soon. Great work.

  6. Thanks guys for your kind words.

    @arteis - go cautious with that one mate - she might think I've got the hots for your missus!

    @abdul - yes I must get to work on suitable beachfront!

  7. Excellent work Scott, the figures look fantastic!!!

  8. Nice stuff Scott - very piraty indeed!!



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