Thursday, June 18, 2015

Faramir - Knight Captain of Gondor

Well it's been a hectic, at times frustrating, and yet exciting, last three weeks at work... and yet, after the first couple of weeks, we seem to be getting the hang of things, and I have been able to find a little time at the end of the day to pick up the paint brush again... to chill out, and clear the head a little... the vino helps too! ;-)

Faramir - Knight Captain of Gondor

I am still hoping to attend Wellington Warlords Call to Arms in August, accompanied by my son, Chris. He wants to run a Gondor force, and at 800 points, wants to add a little cavalry support. But who to lead them?... I didn't have any mounted heroes that were painted...

A rummage in the lead mountain found the original Faramir model in knights armour - mounted and on foot.

The original model depicts Faramir as he leads his brave horsemen in their doomed charged to retake the ruins of Osgiliath from the occupying orc army. In that pose he is wielding a sword aloft, urging his men onward.

However, in the game, the character may be upgraded to have a shield and carry a lance. This I would normally just tell my opponent before the game, and that would be fine. But in the more formal tournament setting, that simply would not do, where WYSIWYG is the almighty acronym!

So what to do?

Well it was time to sacrifice a couple of plastic Warriors of Minas Tirith to take their shields from them, and glue those into place. An easy conversion for the foot model and  revamp for the mounted version. But what to do about the lance?

As it turned out, I had a spare metal mounted Knight banner bearer. So I cut off his arm, from the body, and separated the hand from the banner pole. I then drilled a hole down through the hand grip, to take a Foundry steel pin, as a lance, and drilled and pinned the arm in position on to the mounted Faramir model, having first, of course, cut away the sword arm. A final detail was to add a spear top to the lance head from another WoMT, to complete the look. Et Voila!

Then just to paint him up...

I am rather pleased at how he has turned out, and I look forward to seeing him in action. Hoping to find time for a little practice game with Chris this weekend, fingers crossed.

Back to the movie, and I always find Faramir's doomed charge and very moving moment, especially to the accompaniment of Pippins mournful song... stirring stuff!

Nice to find time for a little blogging again too :)


  1. Love the conversion ! I killed some Gondor warriors too, but I was still wondering what was the best way to use their shield... Now I know ! :)

    Excellent painting too,

    bye !

  2. Sounds like things are working out which is good. Mind you are taking risk with a "new" hero on first game .... Good luck,

    1. Yes there is the dreaded newly painted model syndrome to get past! ;-)

  3. Nice work! I have always dreaded converting my carefully collected pieces in fear of botching the job, and have only recently begun fiddling around with plastics to get the hang of it.

  4. Great to hear from you Scott. Glad things are starting up well.

    Faramir conversion is spot on. Looks excellent!

  5. Great job Scott - a "man of quality" indeed!


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