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Beregond and Damrod, Heroes of Gondor.

Perhaps not as powerful or valiant as the likes of Boromir or Faramir, these two heroes of Gondor are none the less potent symbols of Gondors resistance against the Dark Lord and his foul minions...

Beregond and Damrod...


Beregond...From LOTR/Wiki:- Beregond, son of Baranor, was the first Captain of the White Company, the guard of Faramir, Prince of Ithilien, and previously, a Guard of the Citadel in Minas Tirith. He is best known for rescuing Faramir from the madness of Denethor during the Siege of Gondor.

He had two sons, Bergil and Borlas, with an unnamed wife.


In the game Beregond is a low to mid range hero, who will ably lead my recently acquired Citadel Guard. At 25pts he's a cheap and easy way of leading another warband of Gondor soldiery on the field. And a good way of getting another Might point on the table, a 3+ shoot with a longbow (that counts as an elf bow), and being a hero, doesn't count towards bow limit. He also has the Bodyguard rule, so immune to courage tests as long as his nominated Hero is still alive.


Damrod... From LOTR/Wiki:- Damrod was one of the Rangers of Ithilien and one of the most trusted of Faramir's men and companion of Mablung.

Damrod led the night patrol that captured Gollum in the Forbidden Pool. Damrod also fought in the battle for Osgiliath. Damrod retreated to Minas Tirith with all the surviving defenders. A few days later, Damrod was sent with Faramir and his 100 men to reclaim Osgiliath from the enemy. Damrod was among the dead; it is said his body was never recovered due to the overwhelming orc invasion of Gondor. Damrod had little hope, for he believed "the days of Gondor are numbered, and the walls of Minas Tirith are doomed."

In the game Damrod is a low to mid range hero, who will give me a little more strength to my Gondor forces in Ithilien, and in the defence of Osgiliath, and the Pelennor. At 20pts he is a cheap and easy way to lead another warband of 12 rangers and Osgiliath veterans on the field. And an extra point of Might on the table for those crucial heroic moves and heroic fights... plus another 3+ bow armed hero that doesn't count to bow limit is useful.


Both of these models I picked up thanks to the LOTR/Hobbit Facebook trade group, and a good deal from Michel Molenda in Poland.

I stripped and repainted them as you see above.

Thanks Michel :-)


  1. Nice work mate. The face on Beregond is especially good.

  2. Very nic,always good to have a few lower heroes around..

  3. Excellent work.The eyes really make these figures pop.

  4. Really lovely work and nice to see some less well known characters painted so very well!

  5. Nice work Scott. as the other folks have said, those faces are particularly well done! do you use a magnifier or something? those details are quite amazing.

  6. Great looking new additions to your collection Scott!


  7. Lovely work Beregond's face is amazing!

  8. Thanks Guys :) @El Zorro... I looked at getting one of those opti-visors... but then realised the lens in them were in the same range as the hobby specs we sell at work, so I just grabbed a pair of those... I passed the big 40 a few years back and noticed a decline in my vision for focusing on close up work... these hobby specs correct that. Decent angle poise lamp for lighting and a fine brush and a steady hand does the trick... I couldnt quite manage the same effect with Damrod, partly as his full beard obscures some of his face cutting down the area of contrast available and oddly enough his slightly turned head pose combined with the position of his bow shaft got on the way of my paintbrush a little making getting at his eyes a little more awkward...

  9. Nicely done! I especially like the neatness of the yellow trim on Beregond - and of course his face!


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